A bat-like Dracula standing on a ship in The Last Voyage of the Demeter. 1
The Last Voyage of Demeter Is Alien With Dracula, Says Director

Director André Øvredal says that The Last Voyage of Demeter has more in common with Alien movies than we might expect.

Winslow of  1974's Phantom of the Paradise, Lon Chaney as the Phantom from 1925's Phantom of the Opera and Boris Karloff as Frankenstein's Monster from 1931's Frankenstein, and Elizabeth Shelley from 1990's Frankenhooker 1
10 Movies That Put a Bizarre Spin on Classic Monsters

Universal turned its monsters into icons. However, movies like Bubba Ho-Tep didn't waste time putting bizarre spins on classic stories.

Nosferatu from 1922 and The Mummy from 1932. 1
10 Best Black and White Monster Movies

Black-and-white movies like The Wolf Man and Nosferatu continue to influence the monster movie genre with masterful imagery and storytelling.

Dracula nearly bites Vanessa in Penny Dreadful 1
Dracula Movies Always Focus on the Wrong Character

Dracula movies make much of the seductive count. But the novel's true star is its powerful, feminist heroine, Mina Murray-Harker.

CBR 1930s Best Films Snow White Wizard of Oz Mr. Smith Goes To Washington 1
10 Best Movies From The 1930s

The 1930s were a time of endless cinematic innovation, and many films of the era remain beloved staples to this day.

A bat-like Dracula standing on a ship in The Last Voyage of the Demeter. 1
Universal's Next Dracula Movie Will Finally Explore the Novel's Biggest Mystery

Dracula is a character explored in many mediums. But a new Universal movie offers a unique take on a mystery from Bram Stoker's original novel.

Split Image of Dracula and Sherlock Holmes 1
10 Iconic Characters Who Have Been Played By The Most Actors

From classic literary characters like Sherlock Holmes to iconic comic book superheroes like Batman, many have tried their hand at these beloved roles.

Carlos Villarias as Dracula looking down at his victims. 1
The Forgotten Spanish Version of Dracula Is a Much Better Movie

While the Dracula movie starring Bela Lugosi is an iconic film in its own right, the Spanish version may have a leg up on its counterpart.

On the left, Bela Lugosi as Dracula. On the right, Frank Langella as Dracula.  1
After Bela Lugosi's Dracula, Another Actor Changed the Character Forever

Bela Lugosi's Dracula is still iconic after almost a century. But one portrayal changed him further by focusing on a new aspect of the vampire.

Leslie Nielson as Dracula in Dracula: Dead and Loving it. 1
The Worst Dracula Movie Is Actually Very Underrated

Dracula: Dead and Loving It was criticized upon release, but the film deserves more praise for brilliantly lampooning vampire movies.

bela lugosi dracula 1
Bela Lugosi's Dracula Saved Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures has been the originator of mainstream horror for nearly a century. But that wasn't possible without an unlikely underdog.

Bela Lugosi gives a menacing glare as Count Dracula in 1931's Dracula 1
Bela Lugosi Is the Iconic Dracula Thanks to His Mastery of This One Trait

Bela Lugosi is pop culture's most iconic Dracula. Apart from his accent, this aspect of Lugosi's performance makes him stand out from all the rest.

Wilson and Mary and Vlad Dracula and Shiklah kiss on their wedding days in Marvel Comics 1
9 Best Villain Weddings In Marvel Comics

Marvel's villains don't find love as often as its heroes. Villains like Kingpin and Dracula have had memorable comic book weddings, though.

Bela Lugosi, Christopher Lee and Gary Oldman as Dracula 1
From Bela Lugosi to Gary Oldman, the Best Movie Draculas, Ranked

Dracula has gone through many adaptations and presentations, but these versions of the vampire are by far the most iconic in media and horror.

A split image of Elsa Bloodstone with twin shotguns and Deadpool in Marvel Comics 1
10 Marvel Characters Who Could Profit From Dark Web

Aside from Chasm and the Goblin Queen, there are other Marvel villains and heroes who could benefit from the Dark Web's storyline.

Gary-Oldman-in-Bram-Stokers-Dracula 1
Dracula Daily Is the New Template for TV Adaptations of the Horror Classic

Bram Stoker's iconic Dracula has been adapted for over a century, but the latest online craze, Dracula Daily, could change the TV game.

henry cavill dracula 1
Henry Cavill's Superman Exit Leaves Him Open for a Dark Universe Icon

Though Henry Cavill's exit as Superman was abrupt and upsetting, his look and demeanor are perfect for the Dark Universe and an iconic character.

Keanu Reeves, Daniel Craig, Andrew Lincoln 1
10 Worst Movie & TV Accents

These TV and movie actors failed to nail their characters' accents, making for some disappointing and hilarious scenes.

A split image of art from Mundaun, Silent Hill Memories, and Until Dawn 1
10 Great Horror Games To Play This Winter

Games like Resident Evil Village and Dead Space 3 can really make players appreciate the fear that comes with winter's innate cold and isolation.

Dracula in Marvel Comics 1
A Surprising X-Man Just Convinced Dracula to Betray His Own Kind

The latest issue of X-Terminators sees a surprising mutant hero convince Dracula, the current leader of Vampire Nation, to betray his own blood.