A new behind-the-scenes featurette for Blue Beetle has revealed some of the action-packed stunts that will appear in the forthcoming DC Universe film.

The two-minute clip offers DC fans a closer look at the production side of Blue Beetle, beginning with Xolo Maridueña -- who leads the film as Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle -- teasing that the superhero film will show stuff that hasn't been seen before on the big screen. "Blue Beetle is a movie that we’re building from the ground up. When it comes to every department we got some heavy hitters," the actor added. Becky G -- who voices the Scarab, Khaji-Da -- also hinted that fans will see some amazing stunts aided with special effects, stating, "Anything [Jaime] can think of, [the Scarab] can create." The featurette also shows off storyboards from the film as well as Maridueña training for a fight scene. "It has all the action," promises director Angel Manuel Soto at the end of the clip.

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Blue Beetle was initially announced as an HBO Max-exclusive release but later shifted to a theatrical release in late 2021. The upcoming superhero film -- which is the second last installment in the DC Extended Universe -- follows recent college graduate Jaime Reyes, who "returns home full of aspirations for his future, only to find that home is not quite as he left it." The synopsis continues, "As he searches to find his purpose in the world, fate intervenes when Jaime unexpectedly finds himself in possession of an ancient relic of alien biotechnology: the Scarab," which forever changes "his destiny as he becomes the Super Hero BLUE BEETLE."

Does Blue Beetle Have a Future in the DCU?

While both Soto and DC Studios head James Gunn have stated that Blue Beetle will have a future in the rebooted DCU timeline, Maridueña recently stated that it will ultimately be up to the audience if the young superhero will appear again in the DCU. "But I think it's up to the audience to watch the movie. It's up to everyone to show up for the movie and it's so wonderful that we get to make movies like this," he explained. "And if it does well, we'll get to open more doors for more Blue Beetles [...] So we're ready to do it again if the crowd wants it."

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How Many Post-Credit Scenes Does Blue Beetle Have?

As is the case with most superhero films, Blue Beetle will reportedly have multiple post-credit scenes. Journalist Luke Bugg recently attended a fan screening of the film, revealing that there are two post-credits scenes. However, he didn't share any details about what happened in either scene. The last DC movie, The Flash, only featured one post-credit scene, involving Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) and Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) sharing a drink in a bar. With Gunn set to reboot the DCU, it is possible, although unconfirmed, that Blue Beetle's post-credit scenes will not tease future storylines but instead feature comedic moments with its characters.

Blue Beetle opens in theaters on Aug. 18.

Source: YouTube