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Kieran Loughlin loves everything about comic books, from their fun characters to their vibrant art. He reads them whenever he can, and channels his love for the visual medium as a Comics Features Writer for CBR. His time at university gave him a great chance to hone his writing and analytical skills, and now has graduated with a degree in English Literature with Creative Writing.

A No Way Home poster features Tom Holland's Spider-Man and Benedict Cumberbatch's Doctor Strange together 1
No Way Home Concept Art Reveals Doctor Strange Uniting the Spider-Man Trio

New No Way Home concept art shows Doctor Strange bringing together the Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield versions of Spider-Man

Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool walks next to Hugh Jackman's Wolverine 1
RUMOR: Hugh Jackman's Wolverine Will Have Comic-Accurate Mask in Deadpool 3

A rumor has surfaced that Hugh Jackman will be wearing Wolverine’s signature mask as part of his comic-accurate costume for Deadpool 3.

A Doctor Who still shows Sacha Dhawan's Master with his hands together while stood against a cosmic backdrop 1
Doctor Who Star Spoiled a Major Plot Point For Showrunner Steven Moffat

Doctor Who star Sacha Dhawan spoiled his surprise Master reveal for former showrunner Steven Moffat that took place during the Thirteenth Doctor era.

Ncuti Gatwa's Fifteenth Doctor wears a fedora with his hands in his pocket, while looking off into the distance 1
Doctor Who: Ncuti Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor Revealed

An official Doctor Who image has been released, which provides fans with a special look at Ncuti Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor ahead of Season 14.

A split image of Electra and Spider-Man Skrulls from Marvel Comics and RDJ as an MCU Skrull 1
Why Secret Invasion Is One Of Marvel Comics' Most Epic Events

Marvel Comics is known for its world-shaking events but Secret Invasion penetrated every corner of Marvel, from Avengers to Spider-Man to Deadpool.

The Fantastic Four in retro costumes in Marvel Comics 1
A Classic Fantastic Four Era Redefined Marvel's First Family

The '90s was a time of huge transformation for the Fantastic Four, as Marvel's First Family was reinvigorated by game-changing developments.

A sinister close-up of MODOK with clenched teeth 1
MODOK Once Joined the Avengers - And it was Great

MODOK’s role in Marvel's Secret Avengers pushed him in a surprising new direction and provided readers with a thorough exploration of his character.

How Spider-Man 2099 Reinvented the Web-Slinger - And Gave Him a Science-Fiction Twist 1
How Spider-Man 2099 Reinvented the Web-Slinger - And Gave Him a Science-Fiction Twist

The original Spider-Man 2099 run was an innovative addition to Marvel's line-up and gave the wall-crawler a brilliant futuristic makeover.

Mister Fantastic clashes with Doctor Doom on the cover of Secret Wars #9 1
Secret Wars is Marvel's Ultimate Multiverse Story

2015’s Secret Wars is a huge storyline with great character development - and is quite possibly Marvel's ultimate story of the multiverse.

Clint Barton in a Christmas hat and also Hawkeye in his superhero gear 1
The Avengers' Hawkeye Was Featured in Some of Marvel's Best Christmas Stories

Hawkeye’s Christmas stories are among Marvel’s greatest festive offerings, taking the Avenging Archer in an incredibly inventive direction.

The Twelfth Doctor stands in front of the TARDIS along the streets of London 1
Why Peter Capaldi's Doctor Who Performance Is So Powerful

Peter Capaldi’s performance as the Twelfth Doctor in Doctor Who was phenomenal, delivering so many powerful speeches during his time on the show.

descender-dustin-nguyen-cover-tim-22-bandit-robot 1
How Image's Descender/Ascender Saga Pushed the Boundaries of Science-Fiction

Both 'Descender' and its sequel 'Ascender' challenged science-fiction conventions, with both series taking an incredibly unique direction.

namor-comics-mcu-thanos 1
Namor Started Out As the Thanos of the Marvel Universe

Like Thanos’ role in the MCU’s Infinity Saga, Namor was a huge threat to the Marvel universe, taking on the likes of the Avengers and Fantastic Four.

uncanny x men 1
The X-Men’s Most Underrated Run Took the Mutants in a Fantastic New Direction

The X-Men's most underrated run propelled the franchise into uncharted territory, bringing in two very different factions of the mutant team.

marvel-annihilation-the-heralds-of-galactus-converge 1
Annihilation Reimagined Marvel's Cosmic Universe for the Modern Age

Annihilation is a truly epic event that set the stage for Marvel’s modern cosmic universe, filled with space battles and plenty of great characters.

Marvel Comics Iron-Fist launches an attack 1
Immortal Iron Fist is the Perfect Bingeworthy Comic

Marvel's Immortal Iron Fist series completely redefined the titular character, and gave him a bingeworthy mythos and legacy.

Loki leering in Marvel Comics 1
How Marvel Gave Loki the Ultimate Character Piece

Loki's most character-driven story is a must-read for fans of the God of Mischief, showing why he is one of Marvel’s most sophisticated characters.

bodolf-viking-hulk-mighty-thor-cover 1
How Marvel’s Most Underrated Hulk Challenged Thor

Marvel’s most underrated version of the Hulk appeared in a fantastic Thor story, which boasted an extremely action-packed plot and nuanced themes.

DC and Marvel heroes rush into battle in the JLA/Avengers comics event 1
Why Superhero Comics Are The Ultimate Celebration of the Underdog

Superhero comics have historically positioned relatable underdog characters in central roles, giving these stories much more emotional depth.

The Skullship from the Space Riders series 1
'Space Riders' is a Must-Read For Fans of Science-Fiction

Space Riders is an essential read for science fiction fans, with the series featuring an ambitious concept and a remarkably creative vision.

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