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Release Date:
April 12, 2023
Rie Takahashi, Yumi Uchiyama
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The Hoshino siblings, Ruby and Aquamarine, in Oshi no Ko, giving peace signs. 1
Oshi no Ko: The Hidden Meaning Behind the Hoshino Family's Eye Stars

There are good reasons why Ai Hoshino and her children have eye stars, and it manifests in different ways for each of them in Oshi no Ko.

Miyako and Ruby Oshi no Ko 1
Osho No Ko: Miyako Saito Personally Understood Ruby Hoshino All Along

Oshi no Ko's 125th chapter makes it wonderfully clear why Miyako Saito has gone above and beyond for her sympathetic foster daughter, Ruby.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 124 Makes Miyako Saito Best Mom Again -- And Just In Time 1
Oshi No Ko Chapter 124 Makes Miyako Saito Best Mom Again -- And Just In Time

In Oshi no Ko Chapter 124, Miyako Saito goes above and beyond for Ruby, which will end Miyako's character arc on a surprisingly high note.

Oshi no Ko Why is Kana Arima So Popular 1
Oshi no Ko: Why is Kana Arima So Popular?

Kana Arima quickly became Oshi no Ko's Best Girl because of her excellent character arc, her fun personality, and her central role in the story.

Aqua Hoshino, L, and Eren Jaeger 1
10 Anime Adaptations That Live Up To The Source Material

Most anime series are simply adaptations of other media, but only the best manage to stay faithful to the source material, such as Death Note.

A split image of Jolyne from JoJo Stone Ocean, Gabimaru from Hell's Paradise and idol from Oshi no Ko 1
10 Best Anime Of 2023, So Far

Every year is full of new anime hits and 2023 is already proving to be no different with popular series like Hell's Paradise and Oshi no Ko!

Aqua, Ai and Ruby Hoshino from Oshi No Ko, Featured 1
10 Details About Oshi no Ko That Only Manga Readers Know

The Oshi no Ko manga is over 80 chapters ahead of its anime counterpart, meaning manga readers already know what's in store for next season.

popular oshi no ko characters on MAL kana mem-cho aqua 1
The Most Popular Characters in Oshi no Ko (According to MyAnimeList)

Oshi no Ko's fans have voted on MyAnimeList to decide who the best characters are, from main characters like Ruby to supporting characters like Akane.

Ruby and Aqua Hoshino Oshi no Ko 1
Oshi no Ko: Developments Fans Are Eager to See in Season 2

Oshi no Ko dominated the Spring 2023 anime season charts, and the hype is far from over. Here are the developments fans are eager to see in Season 2.

ruby hoshino is shocked with a sparkly background - oshi no ko 1
How Oshi no Ko Chapter 123 Gives Ruby the Empowerment She Always Needed

Sarina Tendouji always wanted to shine as a musical idol, but she won't do it as Ruby Hoshino.

ruby, aqua, and ai split image from oshi no ko 1
Oshi no Ko: Why Ruby & Aqua's Views on Ai Prove Their Found Family Was Doomed

Aqua and Ruby Hoshino never agreed on what Ai really is to them, and they don't even call her the same name. That spells trouble.

Aquamarine Hoshino from Oshi no Ko, Satoru Gojo from Jujutsu Kaisen, Gabimaru from Hell’s Paradise. 1
10 Most Ruthless Anime Husbandos

Some anime husbandos are beloved for their utter ruthlessness, like Aqua Hoshino (Oshi no Ko), Satoru Gojo (JJK), and Gabimaru (Hell's Paradise).

Shuichi Shindo from Gravitation, Aqua Hoshino from Oshi no Ko, and Seiya Kou from Sailor Moon 1
10 Best Male Idols In Anime, Ranked

Male anime idols like Shuichi Shindo from Gravitation, Aqua Hoshino from Oshi no Ko, and Seiya Kou from Sailor Moon are true music icons.

Kana Arima in Oshi no Ko blushing and holding a baseball mitt. 1
Why Kana Arima Has The Best Character Development In Oshi No Ko

Kana Arima's relatability and growth make her one of Oshi no Ko's best-written characters.

Ai, Aqua and Akane from the Oshi No Ko manga 1
10 Best Oshi No Ko Manga Panels

Mengo Yokoyari's artwork in the Oshi no Ko manga is truly stunning, leaving fans with memorable panels with striking visuals.

watching after oshi no ko like bocchi the rock 1
10 Best Anime to Watch After Oshi no Ko

After an Oshi no Ko marathon, anime fans are encouraged to try shows like Zombieland Saga and Bocchi the Rock! next.

Images of Seiya Kou from Sailor Moon (left), Ai Hoshino from Oshi no Ko (center), and Sakura Minamoto from Zombieland Saga (right) 1
The 10 Best Anime Idols, Ranked

Anime stars like Perfect Blue's Mima Kirigoe and Kyoko Mogami from Skip Beat! have charisma, charm, and talent.

aquamarine hoshino in a green shirt 1
Oshi no Ko's New Love Triangle Is Exactly What The Show Needs for Season 2

Kana and Akane are already fighting over Aqua, and that should make their rivalry and the upcoming play far more interesting in Season 2.

Ruby and Aqua Hoshino Oshi no Ko 1
Oshi no Ko Announces Season 2 With Lively Video

Spring 2023's top-rated anime Oshi no Ko has revealed a second season is in the works, dropping an exciting PV and new key visual.

Vivy from Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song, Ai Hoshino from Oshi no Ko, and Mim Kirigoe from Perfect Blue 1
10 Anime To Watch If You Like Oshi No Ko

Oshi no Ko fans should watch titles like Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song and Perfect Blue if they're itching for more dark commentary on stardom.