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Philip Etemesi is an author, screenwriter, and film critic. As a child, he was notorious for watching mature movies like Goodfellas and North By Northwest instead of Home Alone and Kindergarten Cop. His ex-girlfriend once asked him to choose between her and the TV. You can bet what he chose. A wildlife lover, Philip once saved for months to buy an orphaned giraffe named Refu. He then let her stay with her own kind at the sanctuary, but he always visits every weekend and sends the animal version of child support. Cool dude!

Ozark, Succsession, Westworld 1
10 Best Feature-Length TV Episodes, Ranked

TV episodes like "White Caps" from The Sopranos and " I Live Here Now" from The Leftovers have longer running times than usual.

Best Made-for-TV Movies - Header image featuring Behind the Candelabra and Duel 1
10 Best TV Movies, Ranked

Theatrical releases are more popular among audiences but TV movies like Gotti and Behind the Candelabra have proven to be just as good.

split image of Damian Wayne as Robin with Batman 1
13 Ways DC Made Damian Wayne Better Over The Years

Batman's son, Damian Wayne, met high praise when he debuted, and DC Comics continues to improve his character and increase his role in the Bat Family.

Split image showing scenes from the British slasher movies, The Task and The Cottage 1
10 Best British Slasher Movies, Ranked

Hollywood produces the highest number of slasher movies but there are also a couple of gems from the UK for fans to check out.

Split image showing Castor Troy from Face/Off, The Devil from The Devil's Advocate and Dante from Fast X 1
10 Most Over-The-Top Movie Villains, Ranked

Movie villains like Dante from Fast X and The Joker from Batman (1989) have outsized personas that match their devious deeds.

Split image showing scenes from The Fugitive and Bad Company 1
10 Best Action Movies Starring "Average Joes"

From The Fugitive to Collateral, many great action movies feature average citizens as protagonists.

Split image showing scenes from Power Rangers and The Big Bang Theory 1
10 Popular TV Shows That Are Banned In Other Countries (& Why)

While TV shows like The Big Bang Theory and The Simpsons are widely appreciated in the US, they are banned in some countries.

Split image showing scenes from some of the best episodes of 9-1-1 1
10 Best Episodes of 9-1-1, Ranked

9-1-1 brilliantly blends the adventures of police officers and emergency responders, and the following are some of its best episodes.

Split image showing scenes from the Scooby-Doo and Flintstones live-action movies 1
10 Best Movies Based On Popular Cartoons

Cartoon series like Scooby-Doo and The Flintstones have received the big screen treatment, and the results can be great.

Split image showing villains from Psycho, Saw and Knives Out 1
10 Best Twist Villain Reveals In Movies, Ranked

In some movies, the true villain only gets revealed later on through a twist, leaving fans both shocked and impressed.

Split image showing some of the Easter eggs In Black Mirror's Season 6 1
10 Best Easter Eggs in Season 6 of Black Mirror

Season 6 of Black Mirror is dotted with numerous references to other sections of the series and here's a breakdown of the best ones.

Split image showing the Black Mirror Season 6 episodes,  1
Every Black Mirror Season 6 Episode, Ranked

The five episodes of Black Mirror's sixth season vary in quality, with some veering off to other genres and others staying true to the tech themes.

Joan is Awful, Vidas Del Fuego, Ghostfacers, Inspector Spacetime 1
10 Best Fictional TV Shows Within TV Shows

From Black Mirror's Joan Is Awful to Family Guy's Gumbel 2 Gumbel Beach Justice, there are several great fictional TV shows within TV shows.

10 Quirkiest TV Doctors Ranked 1
10 Quirkiest TV Doctors, Ranked

30 Rock's Dr. Leo Spaceman and The Simpsons' Dr. Nick Riviera are among the TV doctors who are the complete opposite of the medical profession.

10 TV Revivals 1
10 TV Revivals That Didn’t Replicate the Original

Many popular TV shows have been successfully revived, but the likes of Law & Order and Arrested Development have left fans wanting more.

Split image showing the time travel TV shows 12 Monkeys and Russian Doll 1
10 Best Time Travel TV Shows, Ranked

TV shows like Life On Mars and Outlander perfectly showcase the joys and frustrations of journeying across different periods.

Split image showing Kramer from Seinfeld, Howard from The Bob Newhart Show, and Steve Urkel from Family Matters 1
10 Best Drop-In Sitcom Characters

Family Matters' Steve Urkel and Seinfled's Kramer are some of the most popular unannounced visitors in sitcoms and there are a few others like them.

Happy Days, Friends and The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air sitcoms 1
10 Classic Sitcoms That Still Hold Up

When it comes to TV, sitcoms rule supreme. Classic's like Friends and Happy Days have aged well because of their enduring themes and loveable casts.

Robert Daly, Baxter and Arquette Black Mirror Villains 1
10 Best Black Mirror Villains, Ranked

From the scheming Matt Trent to the murderous Janet, Black Mirror has a long list of terrifying villains that are sure to stick with fans for awhile.

Split image showing scenes from the sci-fi shows, Devs, Solos and Electric Dreams 1
10 Best TV Shows Like Black Mirror

Black Mirror is an extremely unique sci-fi series but there are other projects that resemble it in terms of format, tone, and message of the series.

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