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Bucky Barnes, played by Sebastian Stan, is smiling at Steve Rogers, portrayed by Chris Evans, in Captain America: The First Avenger 1
Disney's Rogers: The Musical Composer Explains Bucky Barnes' Reduced Role

Rogers: The Musical's composer and conductor, Christopher Lennertz, finally shares why Bucky Barnes is barely in the musical.

Captain America and Hulk Marvel's Stormbreakers variant cover. 1
Marvel's Stormbreakers Unleash Captain America Variant Covers

Marvel's Stormbreakers honor J. Michael Straczynski and Jesús Saiz's upcoming run of Captain America with new variant covers.

Spiderman with Gwen Stacy and Ms Marvel, Elektra and Bullseye 1
A Brief History Of Fridging In Marvel Comics

Since before Gwen Stacy died, Marvel's been killing women to help their characters seek revenge and grow. The toxic trope has a long history in comics

Chuck Howley Captain America 1
Marvel Honors a Real Life Captain America

Marvel and the NFL honor Chuck Howley, the real life Captain America of the football field, as he enters the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

CapWolf and the Commandos 2023 cover. 1
Captain America Returns As CapWolf This Fall

After more than thirty years, Captain America returns as a werewolf in the new CapWolf and the Commandos this October.

Split image of Bruce Banner and Gamma Bomb, Steve Rogers Transformation, Captain Marvel 1
10 Most Common Marvel Superhero Origins

From scientific experiments gone wrong to the death of loved ones, Spider-Man, Captain America and many more share common Marvel comic origins.

Wesley Snipes as Blade on the left with Howard the Duck on the right 1
Every Movie Marvel Made Before the MCU, in Chronological Order

While the MCU has taken center stage over the last decade, several Marvel movie adaptations made before 2008's Iron Man remain fan favorites.

14 Comic Modern Books 1
14 Modern Comic Books That Will Not Age Well

It's not surprising that comics from 30+ years ago haven't all aged well, but there are also more recent comics with themes that have already soured.

Split image of Taskmaster, Uncle Ben and Captain Marvel feature 1
The Most Famous Mentors In Marvel Comics (& Where They Are Now)

Marvel's mentors, like Captain America and Spider-Man, pass on their knowledge so that a new generations of heroes and good samaritans can rise.

split image: classic Magneto, Immortal Hulk and House of X Xavier with new Cerebro helmet 1
10 Problematic Marvel Characters Saved By Great Writers

The best Marvel Comics writers, from Stan Lee to Jonathan Hickman, saved various problematic characters from the X-Men, Avengers, and beyond.

original Marvel comics Nomad and modern Captain-America Steve Rogers 1
Captain America Crowns a New Nomad – But Should He Have?

Captain America #750 has a heartbreaking funeral for a Marvel hero, but there's one ray of sunlight as it leads to Steve Rogers anointing a new Nomad.

Captain America has Steve Rogers and Bucky hugging it out 1
Captain America's Most Broken Ally Rejoins the War – And They Have the Perfect Weapon

Marvel's Captain America #750 brings someone close to Steve Rogers back as they plot to bring the Outer Circle down thanks to a new weapon.

capa2023001_cover-1 1
Marvel Releases Trailer For Straczynski's Captain America #1

Marvel drops the trailer for Captain America #1, revealing the epic battles and secrets that will unfold in J. Michael Straczynski new run.

Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson/ Captain America from the MCU and Sam Wilson's Captain America as seen in Marvel comcis 1
Why Sam Wilson Will Never Be Ready to Stop Being Captain America

Sam Wilson just revealed the harshest truth behind him being Captain America, and it proves exactly why he always will be.

Captain America as an old man with translucent Peggy Carter in the background 1
Avengers: Endgame Theory Changes EVERYTHING About Cap's Happy Ending

An interesting theory about the end of Avengers: Endgame proposes that there was a twist to Steve and Peggy's happy ending.

Captain America preparing to strike in front of a background of Marvel villains like MODOK and Winter Soldier 1
Did Captain America Make a Critical Error In His Judgement On Hate And Prejudice?

Questions of free will and faith in humanity loomed large when the Avengers fought the X-Men over humanity's future in a world without hate.

Captain America as seen in the MCU and as depicted in Marvel comics 1
Why Captain America Should Be Marvel's Premier Street-Level Hero After SDCC Insight

Captain America is getting a new run from J. Michael Straczynski, and its scope should fittingly establish him as Marvel's premiere street hero.

Split Image: Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) as Captain America; Harrison Ford 1
Every Character Confirmed to Appear in Captain America: Brave New World

From Sam Wilson to Harrison Ford's Thaddeus Ross, these are the MCU characters confirmed to appear in next year's Captain America: Brave New World.

A split image of Marvel's Silk (Vol. 5) #1, Hulk Annual (Vol. 3) #1, and X-Men Red (Vol. 2) #11 1
The Best Marvel Comics Everyone Should Read

From Guardians of the Galaxy and Silk to Hulk Annual #1 and X-Men: Red, no one should miss out on Marvel's best comics.

Captain America Sam Wilson takes flight with his falcon 1
Sam Wilson Doesn't Want to Be Captain America – And It Makes Perfect Sense

Captain America #750 has dropped insight into Sam Wilson's mindset in an oppressive America, hinting he's not up for being the Sentinel of Liberty.