Jurassic Park's wondrous creatures are awe-inspiring, bringing to life prehistoric beings from over 200 million years ago. John Hammond's remarkable creations amaze Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm, and company, upon their journey across the tourist attraction. Following the announcement that Limited Run Games will be releasing a collection of NES, SNES, and Gameboy games on modern consoles, fans are disclosing which dinosaurs they believe to be the most lethal.

While Jurassic Park's dinosaurs may be quite a breathtaking sight, once they escape they become fearsome monsters. These terrifying animals are among the deadliest around, striking fear in the hearts of the park's visitors. Jurassic Park's residents have been responsible for many deaths and injuries across the franchise's run, with some of them proving to be more lethal than others.

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10 Mosasaurus

Introduced in Jurassic World, the Mosasaurus is one of the park's biggest attractions. Visitors gather daily for the Mosasaurus feeding time, but once the Indominus Rex escapes, the Mosasaurus shows its true might. Jurassic World's aquatic creature leaps out of the water and eats Zara after she's dropped from a great height by the pterodactyls.

In Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, the Mosasarus becomes responsible for the deaths of the Marine One submarine's crew, as well as a mercenary attempting to escape via helicopter. Although her brutal actions demonstrate her destructive nature, the Mosasaurus is unable to survive on land, meaning that she mainly poses a risk to offshore individuals.

9 Compsognathus

On the surface, the Compsognathus appear one of Jurassic Park's cutest dinosaurs. Unfortunately, looks can be deceiving, and the Compsognathus are not as cuddly as they seem. They appear in The Lost World: Jurassic Park, where they attack the naive young girl Cathy Bowman.

Following their assault on Cathy, the Compsognathus turn their attention to Dieter Stark. Stark is pursued by these fearsome reptiles during The Lost World: Jurassic Park, before they successfully kill the heartless hunter. Despite the Compsognathus having proven themselves as a scary threat, they're still no match for some of the bigger prehistoric beasts, fleeing from the Spinosaurus and T-Rex during their battle in Jurassic Park 3.

8 Dilophosaurus

Escaping from Jurassic Park allows the Dilophosaurus to show off its true might. Dennis Nedry's selfish sabotage of the park's security systems doom the park's disgruntled employee. The Dilophosaurus savagely spits venom in his eye, causing Dennis to panic on his return to the Jurassic Park Jeep.

Even after spitting venom at Dennis twice, the Dilophosaurus is not finished with this rather foolish individual. John Hammond's frightening creation chomps on the considerably unhappy computer programmer during Jurassic Park. Three Dilophoaurus later gnaw on Lewis Dodgson before he can escape from the Biosyn Sanctuary in Jurassic World Dominion,proving that one only messes with the dinosaurs at their own peril.

7 Pterodactyls

Sometimes, airborne creatures can pose as much of a threat as those on the ground. Jurassic Park's Pterodactyls are powerful beings and have caused a few problems for the tourist attraction's visitors. Their deadly nature is best demonstrated in Jurassic World, where they pick up several individuals from the ground.

One of their unfortunate victims is Zara Young, who they fly through the park, before dropping her to her death in the Mosasaurus tank. Jurassic World's Pterodactyls even direct their malice at the park's other dinosaurs, cruelly attempting to swoop away with a baby triceratops, before assaulting the infant dinosaurs at Camp Cretaceous.

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6 Raptors

The raptors hold a strong presence within the Jurassic Park series, featuring heavily across all six movies. These volatile beings are a major highlight of the Jurassic Park films, terrorizing several of the franchise's characters. Most notably, the raptors' lethal potential strikes fear in the hearts of two of Jurassic Park's bravest characters.

They stalk Lex and Tim Murphy inside the Visitor Center kitchens, in one of the saga's most iconic scenes. The raptors kill various key members of Jurassic Park, including John Arnold and security guard Jophery Brown. Despite their impressive strength, the raptors' mighty teeth and ferocious claws are not enough to defeat the T-Rex, who dispatches them effortlessly during Jurassic Park's climax.

5 T-Rex

Jurassic Park is considered one of the best dinosaur movies, and a major reason behind its success is its formidable T-Rex. The T-Rex is a dominant force throughout Steven Spielberg's sci-fi saga. Her destructive potential is felt throughout the Jurassic Park films, especially when she escapes her paddock in the first movie.

The T-Rex's epic escape leads to the death of the lawyer Donald Gennaro, as well as a Gallimimus, and multiple raptors. Most demonstrably of the T-Rex's lethality is her takedown of the Indominus Rex, which she defeats with the help of the raptors and the Mosasaurus. Sadly, the T-Rex meets its match with the Spinosaurus, who triumphs against her during Jurassic Park III.

4 Spinosaurus

The T-Rex remains unchallenged throughout most of the Jurassic Park franchise. One serious contender comes in Jurassic Park 3, which introduces the formidable Spinosaurus. Although the T-Rex's smell scares away most dinosaurs, the Spinosaurus is attracted to it, being strong enough to take on this fearsome predator.

Jurassic Park 3 shocks viewers with its Spinosaurus and T-Rex battle, which ends with the Spinosaurus ending the T-Rex's life. The dinosaur also kills several mercenaries hired by the Kirby family to find their missing son, Eric. The Spinosaurus seems almost unstoppable during Jurassic Park 3, even swimming through the river on a mission to destroy the humans onboard the boat.

3 Giganotosaurus

Appearing in the most recent movie, the Giganotosaurus is easily one of Jurassic Park's deadliest dinosaurs. Its enormous height already makes it an instant danger to anyone who crosses her path. Jurassic World Dominion displays this creature's true might, menacing Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, and company during their visit to the Biosyn facility.

The Giganotosaurus is so intimidating during Jurassic World Dominion, that even the T-Rex is afraid of its power, opting to back away when the Giganotosaurus challenges her over a deer carcass. The prehistoric beast later knocks the T-Rex unconscious in Jurassic World Dominion, proving herself to be a force to be reckoned with.

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2 Indoraptor

The Indoraptor's appearance in one of the best 2010s trilogies makes it a real fan favorite. Henry Wu's horrifying creation is seen in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. He is revealed to be a genetic hybrid of two of the Jurassic Park series' most feared animals, the Indomonus Rex and the Raptors.

​​​​​​Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom shows the Indoraptor to have been designed to be the greatest weapon. He will kill anyone who is designated as a target, through a soldier or mercenary shining a laser onto a victim's chest. The Indoraptor also inherits the raptor's intelligence, cunningly pretending to be tranquilized by Wheatley's darts, only to maul the heartless mercenary to death.​​​​

1 Indominus Rex

Many years after the original park's failure, Jurassic World scientists are now able to splice dinosaur DNA to create genetic hybrids, and the most lethal of these creations is undoubtedly the Indominus Rex. This unnerving creature's bloodlust makes it one of Jurassic Park's scariest dinosaurs.

The Indominus Rex's ability to camouflage makes her particularly deadly, as she can effortlessly blend into her surroundings and strike when her prey least expects it. She uses this impressive skill to escape her enclosure. The Indominus Rex holds a remarkable kill count in Jurassic World, mercilessly ending the lives of various employees including Nick Kilgore and Nicholas Letting. It takes the combined might of the Mosasaurus, the raptors, and the T-Rex to defeat her.