The following reveals spoilers for Harley Quinn Season 4, Episode 4, "The First Person to Come Back From a Business Conference Without Chlamydia," now streaming on Max.

Throughout Season 4 of Harley Quinn, it's clear that as much as the Harlivy relationship will try to keep going, forces are pulling them apart. Harley is busy trying to reform with the Bat-family, while Poison Ivy is growing in confidence as Lex Luthor's CEO. Despite these different jobs, both are evolving and happy, for now.

In Ivy's case, she has to deal with a toxic Legion of Doom, but she's become more intimidating, reminding them who's the boss when Lex isn't around. Interestingly, things take a wild turn when Ivy begins making moves to switch allegiances to another of DC's deadliest tyrants. With this character shockingly transformed into a queer villain, it does feel like their friendship is a match made in heaven for Ivy.

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Harley Quinn Season 4 Unveils a Gay Steppenwolf

Harley Quinn Season 4 has a gay Steppenwolf

Season 4 of Harley Quinn has Lex Luthor hosting a convention for villains on the moon. However, Ivy learns Lex is faking his progressive, diverse approach towards equality. Ivy, not content to be a show pony, bonds with Lex's main guest, Steppenwolf. Created by Jack Kirby in the 1970s for New Gods, he's been a cosmic war dog, often hunting Superman and the Justice League for Darkseid. In Harley Quinn, the Apokoliptian general is more of an angel investor, looking for devious projects. He grows to love Ivy's energy and in time, he agrees to bankroll her new eco-terrorism projects. Ivy buys in because she hates how Lex steals her ideas, doesn't credit her, and comes off as controlling as the Joker with Harley.

Steppenwolf admits he wants to discuss sealing the partnership on a trip to meet his boyfriend. The man is a model working in Casablanca, so he begs Ivy to join them. This is the genuine inclusiveness Ivy always wanted from her investor. As an irate Lex destroys the base, Ivy heads off with Steppenwolf, happy she has another gay icon to relate to and work with. It would catch DC fans off-guard because while Riddler was made queer with Clock King, no one expected a villain as ruthless like Steppenwolf to be an LGBT character. It's a first for him, and proves that even on Darkseid's fire planet, love knows no bounds.

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Steppenwolf Could Make Ivy Truly Great - At a Price

Harley Quinn Season 4 has a gay Steppenwolf partnering with Ivy

Ivy has always wanted an alliance that suits her. It's why she'd never partner with the Bat-family, as she wants to commit crimes to fix the planet. With Lex not being a fit, Ivy needs a new home. Harley Quinn's Talia al Ghul is also seen here sticking it to Lex, pushing Ivy towards a new coalition. If all three officially collaborate, it may even be a better take on the Legion as the ultimate insult to an arrogant Lex.

It would be an easy decision as Ivy loves Talia's style and mentorship, plus, Steppenwolf truly trusts her vision. As a result, this opens the floodgates for Ivy to be her best villainous self. It would create more conflict with Lex's crew, as well as Batman's family. The latter knows Ivy's potential to be a supervillain after she turned into a plant goddess and almost destroyed Gotham in Season 3. They would definitely not want Ivy leveling up even more under someone like Steppenwolf, a kindred spirit who wants Ivy to unleash her full potential.

Steppenwolf's funds and technology could really take Ivy to new terrorist heights. Sadly, Harley Quinn's Bat-family has lost funding and is not equipped for this kind of war on a mental or physical level. Ultimately, Steppenwolf is more than just financial business and backing. He represents a like-minded philosophy and a chance for Ivy to achieve greatness. It could leave Ivy choosing between love and a chance to possibly become Earth's most powerful villain, shutting everyone up who felt she'd always remain the underdog.

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