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Star Trek's Kirk and Spock battle in a scene from Amok Time 1
The Star Trek Backrub That Launched Spock and Kirk Shippers, Explained

An early Star Trek: TOS scene involving Captain Kirk, Spock and a backrub played a big role in launching the Spirk ship, a milestone in modern fandom.

Star Trek Strange New Worlds and Lower Decks 1
Strange New Worlds Reminds Fans People Are Still Flawed in the Future

Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry saw Starfleet personnel as perfect, but Strange New Worlds and Lower Decks show even flawed folks can be heroes.

Sulu (played by George Takei) sits in the captain's chair, surrounded by his crew 1
Gene Roddenberry Named George Takei's Character Sulu for an Important Reason

Star Trek: The Original Series' characters are legendary, so it's a surprise that Gene Roddenberry struggled to find the right surname for Sulu.

The cast of Star Trek Discovery in front of the original series cast and the Kelvin timeline cast. 1
The New Star Trek Series Could Erase the Kelvin Timeline, but Shouldn't

Since the Kelvin Timeline movies debuted, some Star Trek fans want them erased from canon, and the Paramount+ series could do it. But it shouldn't.

Uruha and Kirk Star Trek 1
William Shatner's Quick Thinking Saved Star Trek's Interracial Kiss Milestone

Star Trek's Kirk and Uhura shared the first high-profile interracial kiss on American TV, but only because William Shatner was particularly crafty.

Nurse Christine Chapel hugging Spock in the Enterprise corridor on Strange New Worlds. 1
Spock's Experiments With Human Emotion Started Before Strange New Worlds

On Strange New Worlds, Spock is experimenting with human emotion, but this departure from Vulcan logic began much earlier when he was on Short Treks.

James T. Kirk in Strange New World looking serious. 1
Does Kirk's Revelation on Strange New Worlds Fit Star Trek's Timeline?

In the musical episode of Strange New Worlds, James T. Kirk makes a revelation to La'an, but does it fit within the established Star Trek timeline?

Jim Kirk sitting in the Enterprise lounge looking down on Strange new Worlds 1
Strange New Worlds Shows Kirk's Most Important Strength

James T. Kirk is a Star Trek legend for many things, including romance, but Strange New Worlds shows that his most important strength is his insight.

Spock and Kirk on Time Travel in Star Trek 1
How To Make Sense of Star Trek's Convoluted Timeline

With more than a half century of continuity to keep straight, the Star Trek timeline of stories seems confusing - but there's a way to figure it out.

Pike and Kirk Strange New Worlds 1
How Often Can Pike and Kirk Meet on Strange New Worlds?

Strange New Worlds is a prequel to Star Trek: The Original Series, meaning the show is limited in ways, like how many times Kirk and Pike can meet.

Spock and Chapel Kissing in Strange New Worlds 1
How Strange New Worlds Subverts This Original Series Relationship

Strange New Worlds is a prequel to Star Trek: The Original Series, and the relationship between Spock and Nurse Chapel arcs across both in cool ways.

Gwildor Masters of the Universe Revolution 1
Who Is Gwildor in Masters of the Universe: Revolution?

At SDCC 2023, Mattel and Netflix revealed that live-action movie character Gwildor will appear in the forthcoming Masters of the Universe: Revolution.

Leonard Nimoy and Star Trek Planet of The Titans 1
Star Trek: Planet of the Titans Is the Franchise's Lost Movie

Before V'Ger met the Enterprise, the first Star Trek movie was called Planet of the Titans and presented Kirk as a Greek god to early humanity.

Star Trek: Enterprise shows Will Riker (Jonathan Frakes) at a starship console 1
Star Trek Theory: Picard Retconned the Divisive Enterprise Series Finale

One shot of the NX-01 in Star Trek: Picard suggests the Star Trek: Enterprise series finale didn't happen the way fans think - and that may be good.

Captain Kirk and crew on the Enterprise from Star Trek. 1
Star Trek Was Ahead of Its Time in a Very Surprising Way

Fans know all the ways Gene Roddenberry made Star Trek: The Original Series ahead of its time but they rarely notice that no one smokes in the future.

Star Trek Enterprise cast standing as a group on a staircase in Season 3 1
Star Trek: Enterprise Went to War 20 Years Ago - And Got It Right

Star Trek: Enterprise Season 3 caused controversy amongst fans because of its allegorical war arc, but it got a lot more right than it did wrong.

Star Trek Enterprise Season 1 and 2 1
Seasons 1 and 2 of Star Trek: Enterprise Don't Get Enough Credit

Seasons 1 and 2 of the short-lived Enterprise series feature the most exploration-based Star Trek since The Original Series.

Star Trek Enterprise Characters 1
How Star Trek: Enterprise Producers Forced UPN Into a Season 4

Star Trek: Enterprise concluded with Season 4, but the show only got that far because producers ended on a cliffhanger, forcing UPN to renew it.

Star Trek' Clint Howard And Star Wars' Luke and Anakin Skywalker 1
Star Trek's Clint Howard Could've Played an Important Star Wars Character

Veteran character actor Clint Howard used to resent his Star Trek fame, but after auditioning for a Star Wars role, his perspective started to change.

The Rookie main characters Nolan, Chen and West sitting at a desk together 1
The Rookie's Big Romance Mistake Nearly Doomed the Series

The Rookie's pilot episode introduced a romance between Nolan and Chen that would have ruined the series if it had continued past Season 1.

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