Lucasfilm just got hit with a trademark infringement lawsuit related to Indiana Jones' backpack in the intrepid archaeologist's latest big screen adventure, Dial of Destiny.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, clothing company Frost River is suing Lucasfilm for using its products in the fifth Indiana Jones installment without permission. Frost River further alleges that the studio passed off said products (including the shoulder bag worn by Harrison Ford's Indy) as being manufactured by one of Frost River's competitors, Filson, as part of a co-branded marketing campaign. Neither Lucasfilm nor Filson have officially commented on the lawsuit at this stage.

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Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny's legal troubles come as the film struggles at both the domestic and international box offices. Dial of Destiny only just broke even on its budget less than a week ago, despite arriving in cinemas on June 30. What's more, the belated sequel's $302 million worldwide haul is only enough to recoup its production costs, and doesn't cover expenses Lucasfilm incurred promoting Dial of Destiny. While it's possible that Dial of Destiny's ticket sales will remain steady in the coming weeks, it nevertheless appears unlikely that will make a profit.

Is the Indiana Jones Disney+ Series Still Happening?

This is no doubt causing headaches for Lucasfilm executives, however, they will presumably find some comfort in the fact that no further Indiana Jones big screen outings are currently in the works. Dial of Destiny was marketed as the final chapter in the franchise and Harrison Ford has repeatedly stated that he won't reprise the Indiana Jones role again. Ford discussed his reasons for hanging up Indy's fedora and bullwhip in a recent interview, citing his desire to avoid repeating himself. "I was not so much interested in doing the same thing over and over again, I wanted to have an emotional ending to this character", he said.

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Ford's exit has sparked speculation the Lucasfilm intends to continue the franchise without him via an Indiana Jones Disney+ spinoff series. However, Dial of Destiny director James Mangold recently revealed that while a spinoff was indeed in development at one point, it was never officially given the green light. He also hinted at the show's premise, noting that it didn't include Indy himself. "I looked at what they were developing for that show, but I think it was purely speculative in terms of whether that show was going to happen," Mangold explained. "But it had nothing to do with Indiana Jones. It was the world."

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny is in cinemas now.

Source: THR