Steven Spielberg's legacy lives on in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, which brings an end to the story of its eponymous treasure hunter. Although Spielberg did not return for the new film, the director played a pivotal role in the creation of Indiana Jones, who has become one of the most iconic fictional characters of all time.

Spielberg's long and celebrated filmography isn't limited to just the Indiana Jones franchise. Over his many decades working in Hollywood, Spielberg has helped bring hundreds of characters to life. Some have become iconic in modern pop culture.

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10 John Anderton (Minority Report)

minority report - tom cruise stares off into the distance.

Over two decades ago, Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg teamed up for one of the best sci-fi films of the 2000s, Minority Report. In the film, Cruise plays Captain John Anderton, a member of a futuristic police force that specializes in apprehending criminals before they actually commit a crime.

While Minority Report may not have found its audience at the time of its release, Cruise and Spielberg were able to craft a story therein that would stand the test of time. Through Cruise's character, Minority Report examines the ethics of its larger-than-life premise, forcing Anderton to decide whether he is truly helping the world. As such, John Anderton remains one of the most interesting and conflicted characters in the filmographies of both Spielberg and Cruise.

9 Oskar Schindler (Schindler's List)

Oskar Schindler holds his pin in Schindler's List

Based on a true story, Schindler's List stars Liam Neeson as Oskar Schindler, a wealthy German businessman who has a change of heart after witnessing the atrocities committed against the Jewish people during the Holocaust. Using his resources for good, Schindler endeavors to save hundreds of lives as World War II rages on.

RELATED: 10 Great War Movies That Focus On The LosersTogether, Spielberg and Neeson crafted a complex and rich character in their depiction of Oskar Schindler. Audiences follow the man as he transitions from a selfish industrialist to a hero willing to sacrifice everything. Even after saving hundreds of lives, Schindler's immense pain upon realizing that he could have saved more sticks with viewers long after watching the emotional film.

8 Peter Pan (Hook)

Peter Pan with The Lost Boys in Hook (1991)

Steven Spielberg put his own spin on the classic tale of Peter Pan and Neverland in the 1991 film Hook. The film stars Robin Williams as a version of Peter Pan who finally grew up after leaving Neverland behind, who is forced to return to the magical land in order to save his children from the villainous Captain Hook.

Hook has become a cult classic over the years primarily thanks to Robin Williams's performance as Peter Pan. The actor has always been able to deliver expertly timed comedy, but also proves his merit as a dramatic actor in this film. He perfectly represents the dichotomy that inevitably comes with telling a story about an adult Peter Pan.

7 Dr. Alan Grant (Jurassic Park)

Sam Neil as Dr Alan Grant in the Jurassic Park franchise

Jurassic Park was one of the biggest box-office successes of the 1990s, introducing the world to prehistoric wonders in such a way that changed cinema forever. Leading the classic film is Sam Neill, who portrays Dr. Alan Grant, an archaeologist who is forced to survive a dinosaur attack when the creatures escape their pens.

Stoic and courageous, Alan Grant is the quintessential reluctant hero, striving to protect himself and others from the rampaging dinosaurs of Jurassic Park. The character's legacy lives on over the course of many decades, with Neill reprising his role for Jurassic Park III and Jurassic World: Dominion.

6 Quint (Jaws)

Quint looking off into the distance in Jaws

The late Robert Shaw's memory carries on through his celebrated body of work, which includes portraying Quint the sailor in Jaws. Quint joins forces with Matt Hooper and Martin Brody to locate and kill the shark terrorizing their shores--only to wind up becoming shark bait himself.

RELATED: 10 Scariest Animal Movies, RankedDespite not surviving the events of the film, Quint manages to be the most memorable human character therein. Marred by life on the sea, Quint is rough around the edges and longs for action. While audiences come to see Jaws primarily for the shark, Quint manages to steal viewers' attention long enough to make an impact.

5 Frank Abagnale Jr. (Catch Me If You Can)

Catch Me If You Can Leonardo DiCaprio

One of Steven Spielberg's many films based on true stories, Catch Me If You Can, stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Frank Abagnale Jr., a young conman on the run from the law. Throughout the film, Frank impersonates pilots, doctors, and lawyers to get what he wants, claiming to be perpetrating "victimless crimes."

Played to perfection by DiCaprio, Frank Abagnale Jr. dazzles in every second of screentime, as he confidently lies to get exactly what he wants. Perfectly blending into whatever role best fits his interests, there is truly no telling what Frank will do next--but audiences know that each and every moment of it will be entertaining.

4 Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jurassic Park)

Ian Malcom (Jeff Goldblum) in front of a projector in Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park may be one of the best dinosaur movies of all time, but it also has some of the best human characters in any of Steven Spielberg's films. At the top of this list is Jeff Goldblum's Dr. Ian Malcolm, a chaos theorist who is present in Jurassic Park when the dinosaurs escape their pens and wreak havoc on the island.

Bolstered by a pitch-perfect performance from Goldblum, Ian Malcolm is one of the most iconic characters in cinema. The character is witty and strange, making him a delight to watch onscreen. Moreover, Malcolm is easily one of the most quotable fictional characters ever created, constantly spouting lines that have been repeated over and over again throughout the decades.

3 The Shark (Jaws)

A woman swimming above a shark on the iconic Jaws poster

Jaws is filled with memorable characters and iconic moments, but few elements of the classic film are better-regarded than the Shark itself. The Shark, sometimes erroneously referred to as Jaws (its actual name is Bruce) spends the film on a killing spree, slowly adding characters to its ever-growing list of victims.

RELATED: The 10 Highest-Grossing Horror Movies Of All TimeDespite Jaws focusing primarily on humans, Bruce is in many ways a character himself in the film. Few individuals in any film make a bigger impact with so little screen time, but Bruce manages to drive the entire plot of Jaws almost entirely off-screen. Moreover, when paired with John Williams's bone-chilling theme, the shark is one of the most terrifying villains in the history of film.

2 E.T. (E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial)

E.T. pointing at Elliott with his glowing finger in E.T. the Extraterresetrial.

E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial is one of the best coming-of-age films ever made, featuring the iconic eponymous alien who becomes stranded on Earth when his species lands on the uncharted planet. Befriending a young child named Elliott who helps him return to his family.

Despite being nothing more than an animatronic puppet behind the scenes, E.T. is one of the most beloved and recognizable characters from Steven Spielberg's vast filmography. The extra-terrestrial's limited speech doesn't stop him from immediately endearing himself to audiences with his sweet personality and healing touch.

1 Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones Franchise)

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones in Dial of Destiny looking at the camera.

Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg have teamed up many times over the years as they worked to craft the Indiana Jones franchise. Indiana Jones is an intrepid treasure hunter who, over the course of five films, has uncovered some of history's most astounding artifacts, including the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail, and the Dial of Archimedes.

Everything about Indiana Jones is memorable, from his iconic hat and bullwhip to his unforgettable adventures. Paired with his own classic theme song composed by the irreplaceable John Williams, Indiana Jones has stood the test of time and is still revered as one of cinema's all-time greatest fictional characters, even outside of Steven Spielberg's filmography.