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Jeanette White is a writer, horror fanatic and video game enthusiast from Boston. This self-proclaimed nerd enjoys finding the next big scoop in the world of entertainment. She is currently the Lead Movie Features Editor at Comic Book Resources. Jeanette is also the author of two horror thrillers, Shattered and The Other Inside. She sporadically rambles about horror books and films on her website.

The cast of TNT's Animal Kingdom posing in front of the cast of the Animal Kingdom film 1
Animal Kingdom's Finale Ignored the Source Material - and That Hurt It

TNT's Animal Kingdom took loose inspiration from the 2010 film of the same name. Despite this, the two didn't end the same -- and it was a mistake.

Karen Allen as Marion in Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones 5 1
Indiana Jones 5 Continues Hollywood's Worst Trend for Older Women

A fan-favorite character returns in Indiana Jones 5. Unfortunately, her cameo only spotlights Hollywood's poor treatment of older women.

Lena, Adrian and Catherine, from Animal Kingdom 1
Animal Kingdom: 7 Tragic Characters You Wished Never Met the Codys

The Codys bring the drama on TNT's Animal Kingdom. Unfortunately, that means a lot of the people in their lives become their victims.

Animal Kingdom - Finn Cole as J Cody Season 6 1
Animal Kingdom: Why J's Big Betrayal Makes No Sense

"Fubar" concluded with J's big betrayal. Not only did the plan make little sense, but it also turned him into Animal Kingdom's biggest hypocrite.

Baz and J from Animal Kingdom 1
Was Baz Actually J's Father on Animal Kingdom?

Animal Kingdom's characters reveal conflicting information that makes J and Baz's blood relation somewhat questionable, even after Season 6.

A collage image of Mulder and Scully from The X-Files  1
When Did Mulder and Scully Fall in Love? The X-Files Has an Answer

Mulder and Scully eventually succumbed to their slow-burn will they/won't they relationship, but when did The X-Files duo first fall in love?

The Walking Dead's Rick and Carl 1
The Walking Dead 'Carl!' Meme FAR Outlived the Character

From dad jokes to "Coral" video compilations, it's safe to say The Walking Dead "Carl" meme has earned a spot in pop culture history.

Animal Kingdom's Cody brothers stand outside on an overcast day 1
Animal Kingdom: What Season 5’s Big Reveal Means for Season 6

TNT's Animal Kingdom wraps its fifth season of crime drama with a jaw-dropping reveal that also teases Season 6's main storyline for the Codys.

Scully and Mulder centering images from The X-Files episode Monday 1
An X-Files Theory Makes a Season 6 Episode Even Darker

One of The X-Files' most popular theories suggests Scully is immortal, which would go a long way in explaining one of Season's 6 best episodes.

Scott Speedman as Baz on Animal Kingdom 1
Who Was Behind Baz’s Shocking Death on Animal Kingdom?

Animal Kingdom lost a key Cody member in Season 3's premiere, and the TNT series went to great lengths to hide Baz's true killer.

Cartman and Kyle in South Park 1
South Park Theory: Only Kyle Is Aware the Kids Have Been in 4th Grade for 20 Years

This South Park fan theory suggests Kyle's existential crisis in Season 4 may have provided him with some horrifying insight.

Gillian Anderson as Scully and David Duchovny as Mulder from The X-Files  1
The X-Files Proves 2023's Political Climate Can Learn a Lesson From Mulder & Scully

2023's politics breeds polarization. However, healthy discourse is an option, and The X-Files proves it with Mulder and Scully's relationship.

A promotional image of The X-Files revival centering Mulder and Scully 1
The X-Files Reboot Makes a Third Movie a Necessity

Mulder and Scully's story deserves closure before Ryan Coogler's announced reboot of The X-Files -- and a third movie could be the answer.

Galadriel holding knife to Halbrand's throat in Rings Power 1
Rings of Power 'Killed off' a Major Character for Its Weirdest Romance

Galadriel and Halbrand's romantic energy played a big role in The Rings of Power, which is likely why a LOTR character was excluded from Season 1.

Sauron stands in front of his fiery eye 1
Sauron's Lord of the Rings History, Powers, Relationships and Theories

Sauron reigned as The Lord of the Rings' biggest villain. However, his history, powers and relationships extend much further back than the Third Age.

Best Horror Movies to Watch on Shudder in March 2023 1
Best Horror Movies to Watch on Shudder in March 2023

Fairy tale retellings and folk horror reign supreme on Shudder. Here's what to watch in March 2023, from The Blair Witch Project to The Wicker Man.

Gollum lurking in his cave in The Hobbit  1
Gollum's Lord of the Rings History, Theories and Time With the One Ring

Gollum remains one of The Lord of the Rings' most complicated characters. Here's everything to know about this history and time with the One Ring.

smurf animal kingdom 1
How Animal Kingdom Explained Smurf's Disturbing Relationship With Her Sons

Animal Kingdom's Season 6 flashbacks provide more insight into Smurf's unusual relationship with her sons while sending a shiver down fans' spines.

Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny As The X-Files Scully and Mulder 1
Every Time Scully & Mulder Got Hot and Heavy, According to The X-Files Canon

The X-Files had fans swooning over Mulder and Scully's relationship for 11 seasons. As for how many times they hooked up, the truth is out there.

Leia and Han Solo kissing in Star Wars  1
How the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Redeemed Han & Leia's Toxic Romance

Star Wars' sequel trilogy infamously disappointed fans, but it got one thing right: redeeming Han and Leia's toxic romantic relationship.

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