The following contains spoilers for Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, now in theaters.

Indiana Jones and the DIal of Destiny showed that adventure movies are still worth buying a ticket for. And, with the right character, they can carry an exciting story with tension, action and a sense of wonder. However, with Harrison Ford retiring the character of Indiana Jones, it may signify a chance to redefine the adventure genre for a new audience. Thankfully, the next candidate to carry the genre already exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The final frame of Dial of Destiny had Indy taking his hat back as if to say that, while the movies are done, his stories will continue. The ending was also a symbolic message to fans and filmmakers that the future of the adventure genre was in their hands and deserved equally exciting stories. Guardians of the Galaxy did an excellent job of showcasing Chris Pratt's Star-Lord as a charismatic outlaw, similar to how Ford embodied Jones. With his character returned from the Guardians team but promised to return, Peter Quill may be the perfect choice to keep adventure movies alive.

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Star-Lord's Debut Showcased His Treasure-Hunting Skills

Peter Quill Steals Orb On Morag

The first Guardians of the Galaxy opened with Star-Lord appearing on the planet Morag, using his tech to find the Temple of the Power Stone. As Quill inched closer to the location, audiences saw him dancing and showcasing his accessories, such as jet boots and various gadgets to steal the Power Stone orb. But when cornered by Korath the Pursuer and his men, the Indy parallels skyrocketed. Pratt's Quill was a haphazard fast talker who used opportunities to survive situations, much like Indiana Jones. His mask acted as his fedora and quad-blasters his whip, making it clear that Indy's exploits and mannerisms inspired Quill's portrayal in some way.

The opening alone could be looked at as a proof of concept for Star-Lord to operate as a galactic treasure hunter. He wasn't afraid of a challenge and didn't let certain death scare him. Plus, his speedy escape from Korath and Ronan's forces perfectly mirrored the opening of Raiders of the Lost Ark, but Star-Lord escaped with his treasure in tow. Now, with a more seasoned Quill in the MCU, it could be a chance to see a new side of his character as he revisits a world of outlaws to liberate artifacts for selfless reasons rather than profit.

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Peter Quill's History Sets up an Adventurous Future

Star-Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3

Each Indiana Jones movie showed that he wouldn't have succeeded in his adventures had it not been for the friends he made along the way. From Short Round to Sallah, each friend he had has saved him or guided him to save the world, and Peter was no stranger to similar connections. With his character now separated from the Guardians and his half-sister, Mantis, having gone her own way, there's an opportunity for Peter to revisit his old friends for help on whatever adventure he may find himself on.

From the ambiguous ending to his and the new Gamora's relationship to confiding in Rocket because they're both leaders now, Peter would have the best arsenal of friends to help him on whatever treasure-hunting adventure he could find himself on. Plus, being that he's a much older and wiser hero than he was in the first Guardians movie, he would approach these adventures with an experience akin to Indy in The Last Crusade. But being he's still a jokester at heart, Peter would still carry the charm and chaos he's known for but in a genre that could be his perfect spot. If Indiana Jones proved Earth-based adventure movies still work, Peter Quill could easily take the genre to the stars for a new generation.

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny is in theaters now.