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Iceman melting at the Hellfire Gala juxtaposed with Iceman triumphant in Marvel Comics 1
One Resurrected Member Of The X-Men Might Still Be Dead

Iceman's supposed resurrection after his brutal death in the Hellfire Gala in Marvel Comics doesn't add up. Could the ice-themed X-Man be an imposter?

Spiderman with Gwen Stacy and Ms Marvel, Elektra and Bullseye 1
A Brief History Of Fridging In Marvel Comics

Since before Gwen Stacy died, Marvel's been killing women to help their characters seek revenge and grow. The toxic trope has a long history in comics

Iron Man and Nick Fury in a split image 1
10 Marvel Superheroes Who Don't Need Powers To Be Heroic

Exemplifying courage, loyalty, service, and integrity, Marvel icons like Captain America and Cyclops are heroic with or without their abilities.

Split Image: Mephisto, Kang the Conqueror, and Bullseye in Marvel Comics 1
10 Marvel Villains Who Never Had A Solo Ongoing Comic

In a world where any character could get their own solo series, these Marvel Comics supervillains have never starred in their own ongoing comic.

Split Image: Identity Crisis, Tom Holland's Spider-Man, Cosmic Spider-Man 1
10 Great But Forgotten Spider-Man Comic Arcs

From Spider-Man Vs. Wolverine to "Identity Crisis," several of Spider-Man's greatest comic arcs frequently fly under the radar.

A split image of Civil War, New X-Men #114, and House Of X #4 from Marvel Comics 1
10 Darkest Marvel Comics Endings, Ranked

While Marvel Comics is known for its mature takes on superheroes like Wolverine, good usually conquers evil. These endings are pitch black, though.

Split Image: Superior Spider-Man swinging; looming in the dark 1
10 Years Later: Did The Superior Spider-Man Age Well?

The Superior Spider-Man was a heavily controversial storyline when it first came out, but how does it hold up with ten years of hindsight?

Orchis and Hydra Supreme in a split universe 1
10 Tired Marvel Villain Tropes (& How To Save Them)

From secret family members to villains constantly trying to reform, Marvel could improve several of its villain tropes with a few key solutions.

Split image of Bruce Banner and Gamma Bomb, Steve Rogers Transformation, Captain Marvel 1
10 Most Common Marvel Superhero Origins

From scientific experiments gone wrong to the death of loved ones, Spider-Man, Captain America and many more share common Marvel comic origins.

Marvel's Dark Ages, Ruins and Punisher The End characters split image 1
The 15 Darkest Marvel Comics Ever

While most of Marvel's stories are safe for all ages, there are times when the House of Ideas has explored darker premises.

Split image of Iron Man feature 1
10 Fights That Would've Killed Iron Man In Real Life

Iron Man has had plenty of near-death experiences in the MCU and comics, but if these stories were real, Tony Stark wouldn't have survived.

Split Image: Super-Skrull and Kly'bn in Marvel Comics, Talos in Captain Marvel 1
A Complete History Of Skrulls In Marvel Comics

Whether a fearsome empire or desperate survivors, the Skrulls have made their presence known throughout Marvel Comics and in the MCU.

Aquaman and America Chavez using their powers split image 1
15 Underused Superpowers We'd Like To See More Of

Many amazing superpowers have been unloved and overlooked, and they deserve more attention in mainstream comic book stories.

Split Image Rogue and Gambit and Tony Stark and Pepper Potts about to kiss 1
10 Most Romantic Marvel Comics Couples, Ranked

Marvel couples like Gambit and Rogue or Medusa and Black Bolt exude romance, even if those romantic relationships have negative outcomes.

Split Image: Spider-Gwen, Miles Morales, and Peter Parker Spider-Man in Marvel Comics 1
10 Comics Where Spider-Man Teamed Up With His Alternate Universe Counterparts

Leading to exciting comic adventures, Spider-Man has been teaming up with his multiversal variants long before Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

Vincent D'Onofrio as Kingpin in front of KIngpin and Spiderman SIlver Age 1
How Kingpin’s First Appearances Shaped Him Into Becoming One of Spider-Man’s Greatest Enemies

How did Stan Lee's introduction of the Kingpin in the Silver Age of Comics craft him into one of Spider-Man's greatest foes?

Split image Spider-Man 300 Fantastic Four Hulk vs Thing cover 1
How Important Is A Great Cover To A Comic Book's Success?

Despite the idea that it's bad to judge a book by its cover, comic covers can make or break a book's success, and DC and Marvel have felt this.

batman rebirth 1
Should Comic Fans Be More Patient Before Criticizing A Run?

Fans are often quick to judge new comics on first appearances, but the industry has a long history of these titles becoming cult classics.

A split image of the spiderverse and superior spiderman comics 1
10 Best Spider-Man Comics That Need Video Game Adaptations

From Spider-Island to the epic Spider-Verse event, Marvel has a vast array of Spider-Man comics perfectly suited for video game adaptations.

Captain America and Ultimate Spider-Man 1
10 Strongest Heroes From Marvel's Ultimate Comics

Marvel's Ultimate Universe introduced new versions of the publisher's most popular characters, and here are some of the strongest.