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Justice League vs Godzilla vs Kong variant cover. 1
The Justice League Meet Godzilla and Kong in DC's October 2023 Solicits

From a crossover between the Justice League, Godzilla and Kong to Catwoman and Batman going to war, October is going to be a wild ride for DC Comics.

Ezra Miller as Flash with DC Speedsters from the comics in the background 1
The Fastest Speedsters In DC Comics, Ranked

As new speedsters debut and established speedsters push themselves to new levels, there are always fierce contenders for the mantle, "Fastest Alive."

A split image of Superman holding a dead Supergirl and of Rorschach's death in DC Comics 1
10 Deaths That Changed DC Comics Forever

The shocking deaths of iconic characters like Superman, the Waynes, and Flash impacted DC Comics and the comic industry as a whole.

An image of collage of two alternate versions of Batman from DC Comics 1
20 Best Alternate Versions Of Batman

Of all DC's alternate versions of Batman, a few stand out for their amazing designs, unique backstories, and original costumes.

10 DC Teams Built Around Magic 1
15 DC Teams Built Around Magic

Teams like Justice League Dark and Demon Knights combat magical threats that other DC Comics super-teams aren't equipped to handle.

Zatanna and Eclipso from DC Comics split image 1
DC's 20 Most Powerful Magic Users, Ranked

The most powerful magic users of the DC universe include boy wizards and divine tools of vengeance, but which mystic is the strongest?

10 DC Comics That Would Make Perfect DCEU Movies-1 1
15 DC Comics That Would Make Perfect DC Studios Movies

Looking at DC Comics, there are many comics that would serve as thrilling movies and help DC Studios put a unique spin on fan favorite characters.

Swamp Thing Collage 1
10 Horror Tropes Swamp Thing Should Embrace

DC's upcoming Swamp Thing film should look to the horror genre to bring something new and exciting to the DCEU.

Split image Green Lantern Doctor Fate Superman 1
10 DC Heroes Too Powerful For Their Own Good

DC's heroes are an exceptional lot, but sometimes they're just far too strong.

Split image Nightwing Harley Quinn Black Adam 1
10 Best DC Characters Ruined By Their Popularity

As these DC Comics characters show, sometimes becoming too popular can be detrimental to a character's future.

A split image of Doctor Fate from the Black Adam movie and of Guy Gardner from DC Comics 1
10 Most Shocking DC Character Deaths In 2022

Across DC Comics media, several characters met their end in 2022. While some deaths could be seen miles away, others caught everyone by surprise.

Terra in Teen Titans The Judas Contract and Zatanna and Cyborg in Justice League Dark Apokolips War 1
10 Most Tragic Deaths In The DCAU, Ranked

Character deaths can be a powerful tool in storytelling and the DCAU certainly knows how to use this trope to its advantage.

A split image of Martian Manhunter, Superman, and Wonder Woman from DC Comics 1
10 Most Reliable Justice Leaguers, Ranked

Known for their dedication and willingness to lay it all on the line, the Justice League wouldn't succeed without its most dependable members.

A split image of Johnny Quick screaming in shock while getting his leg shattered, of Mongul looming over Superman, and of the Hyperclan standing triumphant in DC Comics  1
10 Most Humiliating Victories In DC Comics

While most DC Comics victories are the result of strategy and cunning, other victories feel embarrassing because they rely on underhanded tactics.

The Sandman, Invincible, and comic boxes with a Marvel comic in the background 1
Holiday Gift Guide For Comic Fans

Find the perfect gift for the comic collector in your life with these incredible Amazon Prime comic deals.

Superman Funko and DC Comics Cover Art book with DC heroes celebrating the holidays in the background 1
Holiday Gift Guide For DC Fans

DC fans have a wide selection of collectibles to put on their list this holiday season, and Amazon has a few great deals to help save a bit of money.

A Split Image of Phobia and the Demon's Fist from DC Comics 1
10 Teen Titans Villains Who Deserve A Comeback

DC's Teen Titans have a deep, and deeply underrated, rogue's gallery. Many of their foes have vanished and are due to make a comeback in DC Comics.

A split image of Harley's parents and Green Arrow in DC comics, and Harley in the DCEU 1
10 Most Humiliating Harley Quinn Defeats

Harley Quinn is one of DC's most popular antiheroes. However, the downside of her ubiquity is the fact she's suffered embarrassing losses.

Split image showing Shazam and Superman with their super pets in DC Comics 1
10 DC Heroes With The Cutest Pets

From Krypto the Superdog to Streaky the Supercat and Hoppy the bunny, DC superheroes are joined by the most adorable pets in comics.

DC Comics Multiverse Header 1
Dark Crisis Makes DC's Best Alternate Timelines Part of the Mainstream Multiverse

The Flash's new multiverse guide sets up some pretty wild returns and big developments for the future of DC's multiverse.