Final Destination creator Jeffrey Reddick wanted the first sequel to focus on Devon Sawa's s Alex Browning and Ali Larter's Clear Rivers.

"I wanted to bring both Alex and Clear back," Reddick told Collider in a recent interview. "There were some issues with scheduling and stuff with getting Devon Sawa back, and I got annoyed [at] how they just killed him off with a brick, which I thought was a big F you. That's really my only complaint with Final Destination 2," he continued. "If I had them both back, I had always planned on killing Clear, but I wanted to keep Alex alive."

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Reddick hoped that Sawa's Alex would take center stage in the Final Destination franchise after the couple has a child. "I had a cool twist at the end where it still was, you know, she has a life that saves her life, but then death gets her once she has the kid, and Alex is still kind of the torch-bearer," he added. "That was my original take, but with the scheduling stuff, we ended up with no Alex. And I'm like, 'Ah, if I'd known we weren't gonna bring Alex back, I would have not have killed Clear,' because I love bringing original people back, but I don't like killing them."

Unseen Alternate Ending in the First Final Destination Movie

An alternate ending for Final Destination was filmed, exploring a similar concept. Alex does not survive the incident at Clear's house in this version. Instead, additional deleted scenes reveal that Clear and Alex had become intimate on the beach earlier in the movie. A positive pregnancy test is shown before the film's big finish, with the final scene jumping to Clear giving birth to their son. However, none of these ideas made it to the final cut.

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The 2011 sequel Final Destination 5 links back to the flagship movie with Devon Sawa returning as Alex by way of archival footage. However, the actor recently revealed that the cameo was a surprise since he wasn't paid for it. "I never got paid a cent for Final Destination 5," he explained. "They didn't even tell me I was in it when they invited me to the premiere. In the first contract for part one, there was a section that stated they owned the footage and could use it in the future. I assumed for the press. I was wrong."

Sawa then clarified his comments saying, "This has nothing to do with the filmmakers, by the way. I loved FD5. I love them all, to be completely honest. And I'm super excited to see number six." The sixth installment in the Final Destination series is in development at New Line Cinema, with Zach Lipovsky and Adam B. Stein directing.

Final Destination is currently streaming on Pluto TV.

Source: Collider