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Jonathan Kesh is a News Writer at CBR who's currently based in Queens, New York. He's previously worked at Mashable and served as editor at a number of small news sites. His full last name is the very Greek "Keshishoglou," but he often shortens it to make things easier. Find him on Twitter at @Keshception.

The Exorcist Star, Jason Blum Remember Horror Director William Friedkin as 'a Genius'

The Exorcist star Ellen Burstyn and Blumhouse founder Jason Blum pay tribute to iconic horror director William Friedkin after his passing.

One Bad Day - The Riddler #1 cover. 1
James Gunn Reveals His Three Favorite Batman Stories

DC Studios CEO James Gunn reveals his favorite Batman comics, including Grant Morrison's famous run which will influence The Brave and the Bold.

Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka in front of Star Wars Rebels Characters 1
Rosario Dawson Insists Star Wars Rebels Is Not Essential Viewing for Ahsoka

Ahsoka star Rosario Dawson says fans don't need to see Star Wars Rebels first, even though Rebels characters appear in the live-action Disney+ show.

John Doe behind the wheel of his car, arm and head outside the window. 1
Twisted Metal's Anthony Mackie Performed Some - But Not All - of His Own Stunts

Captain America: Brave New World star Anthony Mackie does many of his own stunts in Peacock's adaptation of the Twisted Metal video game series.

The cover of Deadpool: Badder Blood #1. 1
Deadpool's New Foe Is An X-Men Villain's Sister

Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld is building a rogues' gallery for the Merc with a Mouth by introducing the sister of the classic Marvel villain Arcade.

Wolverine 37 variant cover by Greg Capullo 1
SDCC: Legendary Artist Greg Capullo Returns to Marvel

At San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel Comics announced that Batman and Spawn artist Greg Capullo is returning to the publisher after thirty years.

An image from Dawn of the Jedi spliced with James Mangold directing Logan 1
James Mangold’s Star Wars Film Set Before the Founding of the Jedi Order

Logan and Indiana Jones director James Mangold says his upcoming Star Wars prequel film takes place before the Jedi Order was established.

Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) in front of Mar-Vell and Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani). 1
The Marvels' Location-Swapping Idea Has Comic Origins, Says Producer

The Marvels' executive producer reveals where the idea arose for Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, and Photon/Monica Rambeau swapping locations.

The Boy and the Heron Poster 1
Studio Ghibli Shares The Boy and the Heron Artwork

Studio Ghibli releases promotional sketch artwork to promote filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki's final movie, The Boy and the Heron (or How Do You Live?).

Neil Gaiman in front of Samuel Delany's Nova book cover 1
Neil Gaiman Adapting Samuel R. Delany's Nova as a Series

The Sandman and Good Omens writer and producer Neil Gaiman is adapting sci-fi author Samuel Delany's novel Nova as a Prime Video television series.

Face/Off  1
Face/Off Was Intended to Be a Comedy, Says Director John Woo

Face/Off director, John Woo, sees his 1997 film as a comedy due to the ridiculous demeanors of John Travolta and Nicolas Cage's characters.

Voller stares menacingly in Indiana Jones 5. 1
Mads Mikkelsen Wants to Be Chased by Zombies in His Next Movie

Hannibal star Mads Mikkelsen wants to do a zombie movie for his next role, now that he's finished with Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.

Wolverine leaps into action in Logan. 1
James Mangold Says Deadpool 3 Is a Logan Prequel

Filmmaker James Mangold reveals that he sees Deadpool 3 as a prequel to his 2017 Wolverine movie, Logan, starring Hugh Jackman as the titular X-Man.

Anthony Mackie on Twisted Metal tv series 1
Twisted Metal’s Anthony Mackie Sets the Scene for the Dystopian Series

MCU actor Anthony Mackie, who stars in Peacock's TV adaptation of the Twisted Metal video game series, believes its social satire remains relevant.

Flynn rides his Light Cycle in TRON 1
Tron Creator Takes an Obi-Wan Kenobi-Like Role on the Set of Ares

Original Tron director and writer Steven Lisberger serves as an Obi-Wan Kenobi-styled mentor on Tron: Ares, which stars Evan Peters and Jared Leto.

Superman Batman Wonder Woman Justice League 1
DC Announces Three-Part Superpowered Documentary Series for Max

A brand new three-part DC documentary series, Superpowered: The DC Story, will be narrated by Rosario Dawson and include over 60 interviews.

Lois kisses Superman with the moon in the sky in DC Comics 1
Superman: Legacy Screen Tests Reportedly Paired Off Lois & Clark Contenders

DC Studios head James Gunn is reportedly auditioning Superman: Legacy actors such as Nicholas Hoult and Rachel Brosnahan as Clark Kent and Lois Lane.

Loki Laufeyson and Sylvie Laufeydottir in the Citadel at the End of Time in Loki series. 1
Loki Season 2's Official Synopsis Teases a Hunt for Sylvie and More

Disney's official synopsis for Loki's second season sends the titular God of Mischief on a mission after Sylvie and others across the Multiverse.

Miguel O'Hara as Spider-Man 2099 scaling a building in Across the Spider-Verse. 1
Across the Spider-Verse Screens More Than One Version of the Sequel in Theaters

An editor from Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse confirms that Sony Pictures released multiple versions of the film with different dialogue.

A concerned Indiana Jones flanked by two people in the back of a rickshaw 1
Indiana Jones 5 Star Harrison Ford Will Never Retire From Acting

Indiana Jones, Star Wars and Blade Runner star Harrison Ford says he never plans to retire from acting in an interview for Dial of Destiny.

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