Ms Marvel smiles on the cover of her new comic from Marvel 1
Ms. Marvel is Alive Again, Sort of, But Not Really

The X-Men's decision to clone Ms. Marvel and call it a resurrection highlights Krakoa's similarity to a death cult seeking sociopolitical gain.

A collage of promo art for Marvel's Spider-Man 2 and Marvel's Wolverine video games 1
10 Marvel Games We Want Insomniac To Develop After Spider-Man 2 & Wolverine

Given the high-quality Spider-Man games Insomniac has become known for, fans are eager for them to develop additional Marvel games after Wolverine.

Marvel Doomed Gods Cover 1
Is Marvel Comics Pantheon of Gods Truly Doomed?

The distant future of the Marvel universe marks the end of its most powerful gods — so what does that mean for humanity?

Miles Morales' Spider-Man fights Hobgoblin. 1
Spider-Man Takes Over Marvel's New Comics This Week

Peter Parker and Miles Morales headline Marvel's new comics this week with both Spider-Men finding themselves in uncomfortable new situations.

Composite image of Nick Fury, Talos, an a panel of Secret Invasion 1
10 Things Secret Invasion Actually Took From The Comics

Though the MCU's Secret Invasion disappointed many viewers, there are a few details fans recognize from the comics.

disney-defenders-hd-1 1
Disney Launches Marvel Crime with Stories About Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage

Disney Publishing Worldwide is launching Marvel Crime, a series of fiction novels for adults, starring Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Daredevil.

New Champions Variant Cover Program: Blade's possible sidekick. 1
Marvel Releases the Four Remaining New Champions Variant Covers

Marvel unveils first looks at its New Champions Variant Covers featuring the publisher's iconic superheroes' younger sidekicks.

Wesley Snipes as Blade on the left with Howard the Duck on the right 1
Every Movie Marvel Made Before the MCU, in Chronological Order

While the MCU has taken center stage over the last decade, several Marvel movie adaptations made before 2008's Iron Man remain fan favorites.

Spider-Boy, Spider-Man's new long-lost sidekick, in Marvel Comics 1
Marvel Unveils Spider-Boy Variant Covers

Marvel releases variant covers for the immensely popular Spider-Boy's upcoming series.

Split image of Spider-Man in PS4 key art and three of his variants in Shattered Dimensions. 1
10 Most Replayable Spider-Man Video Games, Ranked

While the Insomniac titles have elevated Spider-Man's presence in gaming, the hero has plenty of great video games with solid replay value.

A collage of the X-Men defeated during Fall of the Mutants, Wolverine with his claws out, and Professor X mourning the X-Men during Fall of X. 1
To Survive the Fall of X the X-Men Must Return to Their Roots

Fall of X has broken the X-Men, but this isn't the first time they've been scattered. Looking back to their Outback Era, the X-Men will win the war.

The first trailer for Marvel's Ultimate Invasion series sees the Maker creating a deadly device. 1
How Ultimate Invasion Puts The Maker Back Into His Most Dangerous Hands

Marvel's Ultimate Invasion is the diabolical Reed Richards' chance to shine, and Jonathan Hickman is the perfect writer to maximize his potential.

Monet St. Croix, Miles Morales, and a live-action Luke Cage. 1
10 Strongest Black Marvel Characters, Ranked

Many strong Black Marvel characters exist, from Monet St. Croix to Miles Morales and Luke Cage.

Split image of X-Men Legends cover and Deadpool 1
10 Classic Marvel Games That Need Remakes

There have been a number of classic video games produced that were based on Marvel properties, and here are ten that are in need of a remake.

Composite image of Daredevil Elektra in Devil's Reign and King in Black Eddie Brock 1
The Most Important Marvel Events In The Last 5 Years & What Happened

In the last five years, Marvel has published dozens of different events like Spider-Geddon and King in Black.

Thor coming up behind a raging Hulk with lightning crackling around Mjolnir 1
The 20 Strongest Marvel Characters

Some of Marvel's most powerful heroes like Thor and Hulk have been challenged by relatively new heroes like the Sentry and Blue Marvel over the years.

A collage of Peter Parker, Kaine fighting Ben Reilly, and Kaine posing in his Scarlet Spider uniform 1
10 Ways Kaine Is Different From Spider-Man

Despite being a clone of Peter Parker, Kaine did everything he could to distance himself from the original Spider-Man, often walking a violent path.

Split image Veil turning into smoke flying through the air, Beast reading a book while beating up men in suits 1
10 Marvel Superheroes (Who Stopped Being Heroes)

Marvel superheroes frequently either change sides to work with the villains or completely retire from their heroic life altogether.

A collage of Emma Frost's Hellfire Gala looks over the years 1
Emma Frost's Best Hellfire Gala Look Yet Could Be Her Last

Emma Frost always looks her finest at the X-Men's Hellfire Galas, but thanks to the Fall of X, this is likely the White Queen's final Hellfire Gala.

Composite Image Comics: Radiant Black, a warrior from Dead Romans, and a couple on Love Everlasting 1
10 Best Current Image Comics, Ranked

From historical tales like Deep Cuts to epic fantasy superhero adventures like Nocterra, today's Image Comics has something for everyone.