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Batwing on a 2 way split of Michael Lane Azrael and Jarro 1
10 Missing Members Of The Bat-Family Who Need To Return

The Bat-Family is a beloved part of Gotham City, but characters like Huntress and Azrael have been AWOL from DC Comics for a long time.

Rafael Grampa and Pedro Cobiaco at the Fantagraphics table at SDCC 1
Rafael Grampá & Pedro Cobiaco Celebrate Brazilian Comics in BRABA

In an interview at San Diego Comic-Con Rafael Grampá and Pedro Cobiaco discuss Fantagraphics' BRABA, an upcoming anthology of Brazilian comics.

Iceman melting at the Hellfire Gala juxtaposed with Iceman triumphant in Marvel Comics 1
One Resurrected Member Of The X-Men Might Still Be Dead

Iceman's supposed resurrection after his brutal death in the Hellfire Gala in Marvel Comics doesn't add up. Could the ice-themed X-Man be an imposter?

Captain America and Hulk Marvel's Stormbreakers variant cover. 1
Marvel's Stormbreakers Unleash Captain America Variant Covers

Marvel's Stormbreakers honor J. Michael Straczynski and Jesús Saiz's upcoming run of Captain America with new variant covers.

Ms Marvel smiles on the cover of her new comic from Marvel 1
Ms. Marvel is Alive Again, Sort of, But Not Really

The X-Men's decision to clone Ms. Marvel and call it a resurrection highlights Krakoa's similarity to a death cult seeking sociopolitical gain.

Thor Quest: Hammer of the Gods cover. 1
Marvel Writers Reveal More About Thor Quest: Hammers of the Gods

Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly speak to Marvel about their new book Thor Quest: Hammers of the Gods.

Split image of Superman in Kingdom Come and Superman carrying Batman's body Final Crisis 1
Which Story Is The Best Ending For The Justice League In DC Comics?

The final days of the Justice League have been retold several times. But which of these endings is the best?

Split image of Batman illustrated by Jim Aparo, Dan Mora, and Jim Lee. 1
10 Best Modern Batman Art Styles, Ranked

Batman has benefited from countless talented artists, from Jim Lee to Dan Mora, applying their art styles in the modern era of DC Comics.

Split Image: Maz Kanata (Lupita N'yong'o); Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson); Qui-Gon Jinn (Liam Neeson) 1
10 Star Wars Characters Who Deserve Their Own Titles After Yoda

Master Yoda's not the only Star Wars character who deserves a Marvel solo comic. Icons like Ahsoka and Cad Bane have epic stories to tell.

Nightcrawler and Spider-Man on cover - asm16_1 1
Nightcrawler and Spider-Man's History, Explained

Nightcrawler and Spider-Man have an exciting history, and with Nightcrawler set to don the Uncanny Spider-Man suit, it's time to reflect on it.

Split image Darkseid, Superman carries a dead Supergirl, Swamp Thing frozen in hibernation 1
10 Darkest Bronze Age DC Comics, Ranked

The Bronze Age of comics was a dark shift for many great heroes. Nowhere was this as true as in DC Comics.

Marvel Doomed Gods Cover 1
Is Marvel Comics Pantheon of Gods Truly Doomed?

The distant future of the Marvel universe marks the end of its most powerful gods — so what does that mean for humanity?

Miles Morales' Spider-Man fights Hobgoblin. 1
Spider-Man Takes Over Marvel's New Comics This Week

Peter Parker and Miles Morales headline Marvel's new comics this week with both Spider-Men finding themselves in uncomfortable new situations.

A split image of World's Finest #11, World's Finest: Teen Titans #1, and Teen Titans #1 from the 60s 1
Why Everyone Should Be Reading World's Finest: Teen Titans

World's Finest: Teen Titans explores the team in DC's Silver Age, and few modern pure superhero books can compete with it.

Split image Wonder Woman stabbed, Gal Gadot Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman Earth One 1
10 Weaknesses You Didn't Know Wonder Woman Even Had

Wonder Woman may be a demigoddess warrior princess, but she has her share of weaknesses too.

A split image of Fall Of X's teaser and Fall Of The Mutants's teaser image 1
Fall of X Isn't the First Event to Scatter the X-Men Across the Globe

The X-Men have their world demolished so often it's gotten to be old hat, starting with Fall Of The Mutants.

Composite image of Nick Fury, Talos, an a panel of Secret Invasion 1
10 Things Secret Invasion Actually Took From The Comics

Though the MCU's Secret Invasion disappointed many viewers, there are a few details fans recognize from the comics.

World's Finest: Teen Titans #2 variant cover. 1
The Teen Titans and Batman Get Groovy in DC's New Comics This Week

Scooby-Doo and his friends bring Batman fans a blast from the past while the Teen Titans enter a spooky, nostalgic tale in DC's new comics this week.

Archie is being saved by Captain Commando while Little Archie is getting advice from Captain Valor 1
Archie Mondays: Two Golden Age Marines Teach Archie and Little Archie Lessons

In CBR's weekly preview of this week's Archie comics, we take a look at two Golden Age Archie Marine heroes giving advice to Archie and Little Archie

Satoru Gojo and Megumi Fushiguro from the Jujutsu Kaisen manga 1
Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 231 Is a Rip-Roaring Ride That Pulls No Punches

The latest chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen shows how powerful a punch can be and throws everything it has at its fans. Here's CBR's review.