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Release Date:
June 16, 2023
Andy Muschietti
Ezra Miller, Sasha Calle, Ben Affleck, Michael Shannon, Michael Keaton, Temuera Morrison, Kiersey Clemons, Antje Traue
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A collage with Sara Lance, Calvin Ellis AKA Superman, and Nightwing as the Vampire king 1
10 DC Variants the DCU Needs to Include

James Gunn's DCU reboot should take advantage of the many variants the comics and other DC projects already introduced to the DC universe.

Christopher Reeve in Superman 1
Smallville Star Defends Christopher Reeve's Cameo in The Flash: 'He Loved Superman'

Some fans have been critical of Christopher Reeve's posthumous cameo in The Flash, but Smallville's John Glover says the late actor would've loved it.

Split Image: Indiana Jones 5, The Flash, and Dominic Toretto in Fast X 1
8 Reasons So Many Movies Are Flopping This Summer

The 2023 summer movie season hasn't been the success studios had hoped. From The Flash to Fast X, here's why so many movies are flopping this summer.

Batman, The Flash and Supergirl standing on rubble 1
The Flash: Nicolas Cage Really Wishes His Superman Cameo Was Longer

While Nicolas Cage may be pleased that he appears in The Flash, he admits that he wanted his Superman cameo to last a little longer.

The Flash (Ezra Miller) ready to speed off, with the Batwing to the left and Supergirl's feet to his right. 1
The Flash Speeds to the Top of VOD Charts After Lackluster Box Office

The Flash didn't do so well in theaters, but it's been a big success on VOD.

George Reeves looking mature as Superman 1
The Flash's George Reeves Cameo Reignites Conversations About Typecasting

With The Flash movie already out on home video, a controversy arose about the digital resurrection of George Reeves and his typecasting as Superman.

Michael Keaton's Batman flies two Barry Allens around in The Flash. 1
The Flash Director Explains Why Michael Keaton’s Batman is Retired

The Flash director Andy Muschietti has revealed the sad reason why Micheal Keaton's Bruce Wayne retired as Batman.

A collage of moments from Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow: Kara flying Ruthye on her back concerned and Ruthye looking determined 1
10 Things From Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow Fans Want to See in the Movie

Following the announcement of DCU Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, readers can only hope the film is faithful to the comics.

The two Flashes in the middle of the battlefield 1
The Flash Fans Unearth a Major Suicide Squad Cameo

While The Flash contains a multiverse of cameos, one fan was able to uncover a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it reference to David Ayer’s Suicide Squad.

Ezra Miller as the Flash and Jay Garrick 1
The Flash Editor Confirms the Identity of the Actor Who Played Jay Garrick

The Flash editor Jason Ballantine clears up the mystery surrounding the performer behind Jay Garrick's cameo in the DCU blockbuster.

Batman on the Batcycle driving through the streets 1
The Flash BTS Images Debut Ben Affleck's Scrapped Post-Credits Scene

A behind-the-scenes image of The Flash reveals Ben Affleck in a brand new Batman costume that many believe was intended for the post-credits scene.

Ezra Miller as The Flash from 2023's The Flash and Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern in 2011's Green Lantern 1
The Flash to Earn Less Than Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern at the Domestic Box Office

The Flash, starring Ezra Miller, will end its theatrical run with a lower domestic total than the Ryan Reynolds-led Green Lantern.

The Flash racing into action 1
The Flash Deleted Scene Jokes About Superman's 'Petite' Size

A deleted scene from The Flash reveals Barry Allen breaking into a metahuman prison only to be confused by the size of Superman’s costume.

Deadpool in front of The Flash and Batman 1
Deadpool 3 May Be Repeating The Flash's Biggest Gamble

Deadpool 3 is set to have nostalgic cameos from throughout the multiverse, but this narrative concept didn't do wonders for the DCEU's The Flash.

The Flash in Front of Batman and Supergirl 1
James Gunn's DCU Is Already Off to a Bad Start Thanks to The Flash's Ending

James Gunn's DCU was supposed to have a proper platform after The Flash to push off from, but the foundation is as confusing and fickle as ever.

Batman and The Flash standing together 1
The Flash Speeds Onto Digital a Month After Its Theatrical Release

The DCU's latest film release, The Flash, hits digital outlets just over a month after its cinematic premiere following its box-office struggles.

Batman and The Flash standing together 1
The Flash Concept Art Reveals Batfleck's Early Revamped Costume Designs

Concept art from The Flash reveals some of Ben Affleck’s scrapped Batman costumes, each one evoking a unique look for The Dark Knight.

Ezra Miller races through time as the Scarlet Speedster in The Flash movie 1
The Flash Finally Reaches a Major Box Office Goal Weeks After Release

After weeks in theaters, DC Studios' The Flash, starring Ezra Miller and Michael Keaton, finally crosses a major box office milestone.

Michael Keaton's Batman flies a jet in The Flash; Batman removes his mask in Batman Returns 1
It's Not Time To Give Up on a Live-Action Batman Beyond Movie

Michael Keaton would be the perfect person to play an old Bruce Wayne in Batman Beyond. Fans must make it a priority to make this still happen.

Sasha Calle's Supergirl on a poster for The Flash. 1
Hot Toys' Supergirl Figure Draws Tom Holland Comparisons From The Flash Fans

A Hot Toys Supergirl figure has fans saying that The Flash's Girl of Steel looks more like Marvel Cinematic Universe veteran Tom Holland.