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Guybrush Threepwood opens a treasure chest and The Pyro watches the flames 1
10 Biggest Unsolved Mysteries In Video Games

From random aliens and UFOs to missing backstories, video games like Team Fortress 2 and GTA V have left many players scratching their heads.

a split image of a dnd angel and a dnd cleric 1
The 20 Best Magic Items For Clerics In D&D 5e, Ranked

Dungeons & Dragons clerics have no shortage of options when it comes to choosing magic items to enhance their strengths or shore up their weaknesses.

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18 Best Magic Items For Monks In D&D 5e, Ranked

There are a wide array of magic items that can make a monk a formidable Dungeons & Dragons power-player.

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10 Marvel Games We Want Insomniac To Develop After Spider-Man 2 & Wolverine

Given the high-quality Spider-Man games Insomniac has become known for, fans are eager for them to develop additional Marvel games after Wolverine.

A tiefling casting a fireball on the left with a classic wizard summoning water on the right 1
20 Best Feats For Wizards In D&D 5e, Ranked

The best feats wizard feats 5e has to offer either give the character new options or help enhance their existing features.

On the left, a moon-touched sword stuck in the mountainside glows blue in a snow storm. On the right, a warlock conjures a spell in front of burning candles and a steaming cauldron.  1
25 Common Magical Items Your D&D Party Will Thank You For

It isn't only the rare items that make a D&D session memorable. There's plenty of fun to be had with common magical items sure to charm any party.

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20 Best 5E Magic Items For Warlocks In D&D

These Dungeons & Dragons items can enhance the spooky spellcasting abilities of a warlock or help them cover their weak spots.

Baldur's Gate 3 Races List Featured Image 1
Every Baldur's Gate 3 Race, Ranked

There are 11 races to choose from in Baldur's Gate 3, and while it ultimately comes down to player preference, some have more benefits than others.

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Every Official Xbox Controller Ever, Ranked

Controllers are integral to the gaming experience and Xbox has truly refined its technology over years of trial and error, leading to amazing results.

Collage of Rowlet and Snivy in Pokémon 1
10 Grass Pokémon That Should Be Different Types Based On Design

Pokémon fans think it's pretty weird that the crab-like Paras and the tiny snowy mountain Snover are classified as Grass-types.

Dungeons and Dragons Most Powerful Combat Class 1
Every D&D Class, Ranked By Combat Ability

When taking into account every D&D class' features and abilities, the most proficient combatants quickly set themselves apart from the rest.

Geralt of Rivia from the Witcher 2 between a monster from the Witcher 3 and Geralt and Triss from The Witcher 1
Every The Witcher Game Ranked, According to Critics

The Witcher franchise has been around for almost twenty years and has made a remarkable impact on gaming, but which game has stood out among the pack?

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10 Great Games Released On The Wrong Platform

Some video games would have fared much better had they been released on different hardware, like Perfect Dark for the N64.

Baldur's Gate 3 Lae'zel Shadowheart and Wyll collage 1
Every Baldur's Gate 3 Class, Ranked

There are 12 classes to choose from in Larian Studios' Baldur's Gate 3, but some rise above the rest in damage output, survivability, and versatility.

Juggernaut brandishes his sword and a Space Marine prepares for battle 1
10 Games You Need Mouse & Keyboard For Instead Of A Controller

Iconic games like The Sims and Left 4 Dead are better played with the mouse and keyboard – opening a whole new world of gameplay.

10 Best Brutalities in Mortal Kombat franchise 1
10 Best Mortal Kombat Brutalities, Ranked

Brutalities are a staple in Mortal Kombat that allow players to flex on their opponents withe the most ruthless moves.

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Every Death Star LEGO Star Wars Set, Ranked

The Death Star is the ultimate weapon in the Star Wars galaxy and fans can add the creation to their collection thanks to these great LEGO models.

A split image showing the Deeproot Depths, Lord of Frenzied Flame ending, and Lake of Rot in Elden Ring 1
Elden Ring: 10 Things You Didn't Know About The Lands Between

Beyond the brutal boss fights and challenging sidequests, Elden Ring has an abundance of things for players to discover in the Lands Between.

Split image of artwork from the Disney Lorcana cards Friends on the Other Side, Elsa – Snow Queen and A Whole New World 1
10 Disney Lorcana Cards With The Best Art

Beautifully portraying iconic Disney characters, the most stunning Disney Lorcana cards add an enchanting sense of flair to each scene.

Fallout 4 the 5 Best Companions 1
Every Fallout 4 Companion, Ranked

With several characters to choose from, having the right companion is crucial to surviving the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout 4.