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Pike and the crew dancing in Anything Goes Episode Star Trek Strange New Worlds 1
Strange New Worlds' 'Subspace Rhapsody' Parallels Buffy's Musical Episode in One Major Way

Strange New Worlds dips its toe into doing a musical episode, but it's execution calls back to "Once More, With Feeling" from Buffy Season 6.

Lauren Cohan screaming as Maggie in The Walking Dead: Dead City 1
Sexism Lurks in Dead City - And Season 2 Has to Change That

Dead City Season 2 can correct the sexism surrounding Maggie's development since TWD by giving her agency not tied to a male counterpart.

Star Trek's Kirk and Spock battle in a scene from Amok Time 1
The Star Trek Backrub That Launched Spock and Kirk Shippers, Explained

An early Star Trek: TOS scene involving Captain Kirk, Spock and a backrub played a big role in launching the Spirk ship, a milestone in modern fandom.

Downton Abbey Lady Edith and Patrick Gordon in close-up 1
Downton Abbey's Greatest Mystery Was Never Solved

Downton Abbey Season 2's mystery had huge implications for who would inherit the estate and win the hand of and Lady Edith. But who was Patrick?

Black Mirror's Nish chats with Rolo in Black Museum  1
Black Mirror's Black Museum Examines Racism & Social Justice in a Chilling Manner

In Black Mirror Season 4, "Black Museum" waded into xenophobia, racism and white supremacy in the most haunting, gut-wrenching manner.

Main Cast of Netflix's Heartstopper in Season 2's Official Poster 1
How Heartstopper Sets Up Season 3

Heartstopper left Nick and Charlie in a good place at the end of the second season but there are a lot of hints at what could be coming next.

Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen meet Superman for the first time on My Adventures with Superman.  1
My Adventures With Superman's Queer Couple Redefines Clark Kent's World

Season 1 of My Adventures with Superman explores queer love outside of Metropolis, which results in Clark Kent's world being changed in a big way.

Harley tries to reason with Ivy and Clayface in Season 4's  1
Harley Quinn's Bat-Family Has Two Major Season 4 Hurdles to Overcome

Season 4 of Harley Quinn has hurt Batman's crew on two massive fronts, leaving Harley's personal and professional lives in utter disarray.

The Pink Ladies on a stage in Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies. 1
Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies Avoids a Tired Trope With Nancy

Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies' Nancy sidesteps many harmful stereotypes, including this particularly worn-out trope with her parents.

Invincible's Atom Eve unleashes her powers  1
Invincible's Atom Eve Prequel Calls Back Captain America's Funniest MCU Moment

Prime Video has released the Invincible: Atom Eve special, which homages Captain America's most hilarious moment from an iconic MCU battlefield.

The Zarbi and Menoptra hang out on Vortis. 1
Doctor Who's Controversial Classic Episode Is Better Than Fans Think

Doctor Who fans ranked "The Web Planet" as the least-liked story from the First Doctor's era, but there's more to it than a wobbly ant monster.

Poison Ivy and Clayface Fight in Harley Quinn 1
Harley Quinn Makes Another Iconic DC Villain Queer - And That's Great for Poison Ivy

Season 4 of Harley Quinn gives Poison Ivy a queer kindred spirit who could push her to scarier heights as she aims to perfect her eco-terrorist dream.

My Adventures With Superman's OMACs fire at Jimmy and Lois 1
My Adventures With Superman's OMAC Corps, Explained

Season 1 of My Adventures With Superman puts a familiar spin on the OMAC project but there are some new, deft cuts added to complicate Clark's life.

Guillermo is bullied in What We Do in the Shadows 1
What We Do in the Shadows Gives Guillermo An Even Greater Existential Crisis

Season 5 of What We in the Shadows has given Guillermo a deep, personal crisis that has him wondering if he made the right choice to be a vampire.

Hari guiding Salvor and Gaal in Apple TV+'s Foundation. 1
Hari Seldon Reveals the Next Stage of the Foundation

As the Second Crisis begins, Hari Seldon finally reveals the next stage of his plan. His plan will help to ensure that the Foundation survives.

The cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Picard. 1
TNG Changed Star Trek With a Game of Cards

Star Trek: The Next Generation's poker games proved Gene Roddenberry's idea of Starfleet officers having personal lives - and shaped the franchise.

Futurama's Kif and Amy cry in Season 8's  1
How Amy & Kif's Family Speaks to Futurama's Emotional Evolution

Futurama revisiting Amy and Kif's family in Season 8 highlights how much emotional growth the show's central cast has experienced over the years.

Invincible has Lance Reddick voicing Erickson 1
Who Does Lance Reddick Voice in Invincible: Atom Eve?

Prime Video's Atom Eve prequel allows the Invincible universe to give the late Lance Reddick a key role and remind fans of his range as a voice actor.

Split image of Solar Opposite and Rick and Morty's replacements for Justin Roiland. 1
Why Solar Opposites Method of Recasting Wouldn't Work For Rick & Morty

Solar Opposites has replaced Justin Roiland in the funniest way possible, but such an approach would only cause serious trouble for Rick and Morty.

Thundarr the Barbarian and He-Man 1
He-Man Is a Popular Franchise - But This Obscure '80s Classic Explores Its Concept Better

Thundarr the Barbarian previewed many of the concepts later seen in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, and it arguably handled them even better.