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Iceman melting at the Hellfire Gala juxtaposed with Iceman triumphant in Marvel Comics 1
One Resurrected Member Of The X-Men Might Still Be Dead

Iceman's supposed resurrection after his brutal death in the Hellfire Gala in Marvel Comics doesn't add up. Could the ice-themed X-Man be an imposter?

Ms Marvel smiles on the cover of her new comic from Marvel 1
Ms. Marvel is Alive Again, Sort of, But Not Really

The X-Men's decision to clone Ms. Marvel and call it a resurrection highlights Krakoa's similarity to a death cult seeking sociopolitical gain.

Split image of Superman in Kingdom Come and Superman carrying Batman's body Final Crisis 1
Which Story Is The Best Ending For The Justice League In DC Comics?

The final days of the Justice League have been retold several times. But which of these endings is the best?

Nightcrawler and Spider-Man on cover - asm16_1 1
Nightcrawler and Spider-Man's History, Explained

Nightcrawler and Spider-Man have an exciting history, and with Nightcrawler set to don the Uncanny Spider-Man suit, it's time to reflect on it.

Marvel Doomed Gods Cover 1
Is Marvel Comics Pantheon of Gods Truly Doomed?

The distant future of the Marvel universe marks the end of its most powerful gods — so what does that mean for humanity?

A split image of World's Finest #11, World's Finest: Teen Titans #1, and Teen Titans #1 from the 60s 1
Why Everyone Should Be Reading World's Finest: Teen Titans

World's Finest: Teen Titans explores the team in DC's Silver Age, and few modern pure superhero books can compete with it.

A split image of Fall Of X's teaser and Fall Of The Mutants's teaser image 1
Fall of X Isn't the First Event to Scatter the X-Men Across the Globe

The X-Men have their world demolished so often it's gotten to be old hat, starting with Fall Of The Mutants.

A split image of the Flash and Reverse Flash, both of them running towards the viewer 1
Who's More Powerful: Flash Or Reverse-Flash?

The Flash is the most iconic speedster in DC history, but his villain, Reverse-Flash, might be even stronger than him.

A split image of stacks of comics and digital comics 1
Digital Comics Vs. Print Comics: Which Is Better For You?

Comics fans have to decide whether reading physical or digital comics is right for them, and both mediums have benefits and drawbacks.

A split image of Henry Peter Gyrich, Orchis leaders, and Judas Traveller 1
The History of Orchis' Founders In X-Men Comics, Explained

Patiently planning for mutantkind's extinction, the founders of Orchis have no shortage of resources to defeat the X-Men once and for all.

Forge and Iceman in battle - X-Men feature 1
A Powerful X-Man is Still Alive — But Can't Stop a Major Threat to the Entire Marvel Universe

The X-Men's most inventive figure is secretly still alive — but he's also realized that the Marvel Universe is in far more danger than it realizes.

The Hulk from his brand-new series 1
The X-Men's Deadliest Sentinel Just Beat Juggernaut - Could it Defeat the Hulk?

Fall of X has just seen the X-Men's deadliest sentinel soundly defeat the Juggernaut. Could it do the same to the Hulk?

Spiderman with Gwen Stacy and Ms Marvel, Elektra and Bullseye 1
A Brief History Of Fridging In Marvel Comics

Since before Gwen Stacy died, Marvel's been killing women to help their characters seek revenge and grow. The toxic trope has a long history in comics

Cover art for Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu featuring the hero and villain in the video game 1
Who Is The Forgotten Batman Villain Jim Lee Created - And Why Should He Return?

Though there are certainly more compelling Batman villains, Jim Lee's obscure Sin Tzu needs to find his home inside of DC's mythos.

Cyclops in distress as ashes slip through his fingers, with a background of the X-Men behind him 1
X-Men: Fall of X Makes Cyclops' Worst Nightmare a Horrifying Reality

Fall of X has been a harrowing turn for the X-Men as a whole — but it's a worst-case scenario for Cyclops, realizing many of his greatest fears.

the guardians of the galaxy staring down rocket raccoon as he prepares to draw arms against star-lord 1
Guardians of the Galaxy Reveals Rocket Racoon’s Biggest Regret - And It Could Kill Him

Rocket Raccoon has finally revealed where he went after leaving the Guardians of the Galaxy, and how he has been dealing with Grootfall.

A Pacific Rim Jaeger with the DCEU Justice League in the background 1
Forget the MonsterVerse, Justice League Should Crossover With Pacific Rim

The Justice League is mixing with the Monsterverse's Titans but DC's iconic heroes and villains are a better match for the kaiju in Pacific Rim.

A composite image of Spider-Man, Spawn and Superman in Marvel, DC, and Image Comics 1
Is Spawn Marvel Or DC?

Spawn is an Image Comics character but he has a lot in common with Marvel's and DC's universes and is a radical departure from heroes like Spider-Man.

Blue Beetle Collage featuring Dan Garrett Jaime Reyes and Ted Kord 1
Blue Beetle's Comic Origin is as Humble as it is Hardboiled

Jaime Reyes may be the current Blue Beetle, but his story is nothing like the two men who came before him.

Swamp Thing 1
Comics Could Benefit From Leaving Cities – And These Stories Prove It

Superheroes like Batman are defined by their relationships with places like Gotham City. However, when they step outside, that's when they shine.