Dragon Ball

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Created by:
Akira Toriyama
First Film:
Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies
Latest Film:
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero
First TV Show:
Dragon Ball
Latest TV Show:
Super Dragon Ball Heroes
First Episode Air Date:
April 26, 1989
Latest Episode:
Sean Schemmel, Laura Bailey, Brian Drummond, Christopher Sabat, Scott McNeil
Current Series:
Dragon Ball Super
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Goku holding dragon ball in front of Dragon Ball Z Villains 1
Why Goku Doesn’t Use The Dragon Balls To Wish Away The Villains

Goku never made one simple wish to defeat his enemies, and many fans wonder why.

Goku from Dragon Ball and Kratos from God of War face off  1
Goku Vs. Kratos – Who's Stronger?

Goku and Kratos both continually push the limits of the gods in their respective universes, but which one of them is really stronger?.

Gohan perfect cell and Goku DBZ 1
The 10 Most Well-Animated Episodes Of Dragon Ball Z, Ranked

Dragon Ball Z is the franchise's most iconic entry, putting forth some incredibly animated episodes.

How to Unlock the Super Saiyan God Form in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

The Super Saiyan God skill in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 takes a little elbow grease, but it's a worthwhile skill to grind for.

Dragon Ball Super episodes with the best animation 1
The 10 Most Well-Animated Episodes Of Dragon Ball Super, Ranked

Dragon Ball Super is the most recent entry in the franchise, and it's put forth some incredibly animated episodes.

Goku fueled for battle on the left with Saitama holding up a fist on the right 1
One-Punch Man: Saitama Is Stronger Than Goku for Very Specific Reasons

The sheer untapped power of Saitama from One-Punch Man beats Dragon Ball's Goku in terms of strength.

split image of Gohan turning Super Saiyan 2 and Goku fleeing from a dinosaur 1
Every Time Skip In The Dragon Ball Anime (In Chronological Order)

Dragon Ball goes through a few time skips throughout its run, most fast forwarding years into the future in between story arcs.

Super Saiyan 4 and Blue Dragon Ball Super and GT manga 1
How The Dragon Ball Super Manga is Leaving Dragon Ball GT Behind

Dragon Ball Super has rewritten Dragon Ball's continuity so much that it may no longer be possible to realign with DBZ's canon ending or GT.

One Piece' Luffy Gear 5 and DBZ's Super Saiyan Goku 1
One Piece: Luffy Gear 5 Is About To Give Super Saiyan Goku a Run For Its Berries

Luffy becoming the new Joy Boy could be the modern equivalent of Goku becoming a Super Saiyan in terms of narrative significance and cultural impact.

A split image of Super Saiyan 3 Goku, Super Saiyan Third Grade Trunks, and Super Saiyan God Vegeta from Dragon Ball 1
All Super Saiyan Transformations In Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball's iconic Super Saiyan transformations are some of the anime's most beloved elements, but there's a lot to learn about these many forms.

Super Saiyan Goku in DBZ: Kakarot game and Legacy of Goku and Buu's Fury GBA gameplay 1
Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is Good – But The Legacy of Goku Trilogy Was Better

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is viewed as a landmark Dragon Ball video game, but a Game Boy Advance trilogy from the early 2000s trumps its heights!

Neon Genesis Evangelion. Cowboy Bebop, Legend of Galactic Heroes 1
10 Best Pre 2000s Anime, Ranked

With unique plots and dynamic characters, classic anime series like Cowboy Bebop and Dragon Ball helped shape the industry.

Composite of Cowboy Bebop, Slam Dunk, Yu Yu Hakusho, Evangelion and Trigun anime 1
What Makes A Classic Anime And Why Do Fans Still Watch Old Series Today?

Shows like Evangelion and Cowboy Bebop are classics because they changed the medium and the fandom, even if these shows don't always hold up well.

Saint Seiya, Dragon Ball, and Macross 1
10 Best Fantasy Anime From The '80s & '90s, Ranked

The '80s and '90s have produced some of the best anime in history, especially fantasy titles like Saint Seiya, Dragon Ball, and Macross.

On the left, Nobara Kugisaki of 'Jujutsu Kaisen' attacks with her hammer. On the right, Big Mom of 'One Piece' rampages through Whole Cake Island. 1
The 30 Most Powerful Women In Anime, Officially Ranked

These fierce female fighters could give anime's toughest men a run for their money.

Gamma 1 and 2 in front of android 17 and 18 1
DBS Theory: Why the Gammas Don't Have Infinite Energy

Dr. Gero's Androids have one thing his grandsons don't — Infinite Energy reactors. But what could have kept Dr. Hedo from using them?

Donaemon, Naruto and Pokemon Horizons 1
10 Kid-Friendly Anime That Constantly Sneak In Fan Service

Though fan service is common in anime, it's strange to see it pop up in kids' anime like Sailor Moon and Naruto.

Best Dragon Ball Main Character Instead Of Goku 1
10 Best Dragon Ball Super Main Character Candidates Instead Of Goku

Dragon Ball Super may have benefited from replacing Goku with his intelligent and strong Gohan or his powerful enemy-turned-friend Piccolo.

Super Saiyan Gohan scared as Goku gives Cell a senzu bean in dragon ball z 1
Why Did Goku Give Cell A Senzu Bean?

Goku makes questionable decisions in Dragon Ball Z, but his choice to heal Cell before his battle with Gohan was in a league of its own.

10 Best Dragon Ball Z Main Character Candidates Instead Of Goku 1
10 Best Dragon Ball Z Main Character Candidates Instead Of Goku

Though Goku is DBZ's greatest hero, several other characters would make better main characters.