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Batwing on a 2 way split of Michael Lane Azrael and Jarro 1
10 Missing Members Of The Bat-Family Who Need To Return

The Bat-Family is a beloved part of Gotham City, but characters like Huntress and Azrael have been AWOL from DC Comics for a long time.

Split image of Superman in Kingdom Come and Superman carrying Batman's body Final Crisis 1
Which Story Is The Best Ending For The Justice League In DC Comics?

The final days of the Justice League have been retold several times. But which of these endings is the best?

Split image of Batman illustrated by Jim Aparo, Dan Mora, and Jim Lee. 1
10 Best Modern Batman Art Styles, Ranked

Batman has benefited from countless talented artists, from Jim Lee to Dan Mora, applying their art styles in the modern era of DC Comics.

Split image Darkseid, Superman carries a dead Supergirl, Swamp Thing frozen in hibernation 1
10 Darkest Bronze Age DC Comics, Ranked

The Bronze Age of comics was a dark shift for many great heroes. Nowhere was this as true as in DC Comics.

World's Finest: Teen Titans #2 variant cover. 1
The Teen Titans and Batman Get Groovy in DC's New Comics This Week

Scooby-Doo and his friends bring Batman fans a blast from the past while the Teen Titans enter a spooky, nostalgic tale in DC's new comics this week.

Split image Swamp Thing, Nekron, and a primitive Batman in DC Comics 1
10 Chilling DC Comics That Are Pure Cosmic Horror

DC characters like Batman and Swamp Thing have always provided fertile soil for horror stories but these Lovecraftian tales are unexpectedly harrowing

Split image of Batman on a gargoyle in cover art for Gothic and examining severed hands in Endgame. 1
15 Darkest Batman Comics On DC Universe Infinite, Ranked (August 2023)

Batman has a dense catalog of great stories, and these are some of his darkest comics to read on the DC Universe Infinite digital app.

Superman from All-Star Superman standing proud on the left and flying on the right 1
DC Comics: 15 Most Inspirational Quotes From Superman

Superman is the embodiment of hope and inspiration, so it's only fitting that he would have some inspiring and memorable quotes.

Split image Bane and Catman in Secret Six, Joker, Ultraman and Crime Syndicate 1
10 Best DC Comics About Villains, Ranked

DC Comics has a rich roster of villains. Many of these villains have landed their own stories in solo books, like Bane and Catman in The Secret Six.

A split image of The Batman Who Laughs in DC Comics and Judge Death in 2000 AD 1
Was The Batman Who Laughs Inspired By Judge Dredd's Most Dangerous Foe?

The Batman Who Laughs was DC's deadliest foe but in some ways, he was just a reskinned version of Judge Dredd's perverse enemy, Judge Death.

Split image Firestorm, Flash on CW, Martian Manhunter 1
10 Most Common DC Superhero Origins

DC Comics heroes obtain their powers and sense of justice from many places, but many characters actually share common origin stories.

Superman Grounded and the Man of Steel from DC Rebirth comic 1
Superman's Lowest Point Highlighted What Makes Him The Greatest Superhero Of All Time

Despite writing Superman completely out of character, Superman: Grounded gave good insight into what makes the Man of Steel work in comics.

Split image of Cheetah, Joker and Sinestro in DC Villain feature 1
10 Tired DC Villain Tropes (& How To Save Them)

Every comic company has begun to play into the tropes of the genre and the DC Comics villains are no exception, but they need to kick bad habits.

Split image of Two-Face, Mr. Freeze, and Man-Bat in DC Comics. 1
10 Batman Villains Who Deserve To Stay Redeemed In The Comics

Considering their motivations and tragic origins, Batman villains like Two-Face and Mr. Freeze deserve a permanent redemption in DC Comics.

Superman watching the Multiverse collapse in DC Comics Crisis on Infinite Earths 1
Why Everyone Should Read Crisis On Infinite Earths Before The Animated Movies Come Out Next Year

Landmark story Crisis on Infinite Earths should be on every DC Comics fan's reading list, especially with an animated adaptation finally on the way.

Red Hood, Nightwing, and Red Robin from Wayne Family Adventures in a collage with Batman and Alfred from DC Comics 1
Webtoons Provides A Lighthearted Bat-Family - A Needed Change Of Pace From The Brooding Dark Knight

Batman: Wayne Family Adventures on Webtoons proves a lighthearted version of the Bat-Family is exactly what the Dark Knight and his crew need.

A split image of Wonder Woman: Sacrifice, Countdown To Infinite Crisis, and Identity Crisis from DC Comics 1
10 Darkest DC Comic Endings, Ranked

DC Comics has produced decades of surprisingly dark superhero stories. These endings shook heroes like Batman and Superman to their foundations.

Split image of Batman and the Mad Monk, Death and the Maidens, and Shaman cover art. 1
10 Great But Forgotten Batman Comic Arcs

Batman benefits from a library filled with excellent comics, but these are some of the best arcs readers have forgotten over the decades.

Split image of Superman and Power Girl from DC Comics 1
The 20 Strongest DC Characters

Superman and Black Adam are two powerful examples of the strongest heroes in the DC universe, though they aren't the only overpowered characters.

A split image of Human Target, Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow, and The Authority from DC Comics 1
DC's Award Wins And Recent Sales Success Show A Different Way Forward

DC isn't the sales leader, but their recent successes and awards reveal that they're taking a different road than their marvelous competition.