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Captain America and Hulk Marvel's Stormbreakers variant cover. 1
Marvel's Stormbreakers Unleash Captain America Variant Covers

Marvel's Stormbreakers honor J. Michael Straczynski and Jesús Saiz's upcoming run of Captain America with new variant covers.

Thor Quest: Hammer of the Gods cover. 1
Marvel Writers Reveal More About Thor Quest: Hammers of the Gods

Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly speak to Marvel about their new book Thor Quest: Hammers of the Gods.

Miles Morales' Spider-Man fights Hobgoblin. 1
Spider-Man Takes Over Marvel's New Comics This Week

Peter Parker and Miles Morales headline Marvel's new comics this week with both Spider-Men finding themselves in uncomfortable new situations.

World's Finest: Teen Titans #2 variant cover. 1
The Teen Titans and Batman Get Groovy in DC's New Comics This Week

Scooby-Doo and his friends bring Batman fans a blast from the past while the Teen Titans enter a spooky, nostalgic tale in DC's new comics this week.

Archie is being saved by Captain Commando while Little Archie is getting advice from Captain Valor 1
Archie Mondays: Two Golden Age Marines Teach Archie and Little Archie Lessons

In CBR's weekly preview of this week's Archie comics, we take a look at two Golden Age Archie Marine heroes giving advice to Archie and Little Archie

Daredevil wearing his Black Armor 1
Marvel Reveals New Details About Its 1990s Throwback Series, Daredevil: Black Armor

Marvel reveals more info about Daredevil: Black Armor, which is set in the 1990s, with 90s Daredevil writer, D.G. Chichester, back in the saddle

Batman Beyond 1999 comic cover. 1
DC Celebrates Batman Beyond's 25th Anniversary

DC announces an upcoming compendium of the original Batman Beyond comic book tie-in from 1999, featuring all thirty issues.

Chuck Howley Captain America 1
Marvel Honors a Real Life Captain America

Marvel and the NFL honor Chuck Howley, the real life Captain America of the football field, as he enters the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

One Bad Day - The Riddler #1 cover. 1
James Gunn Reveals His Three Favorite Batman Stories

DC Studios CEO James Gunn reveals his favorite Batman comics, including Grant Morrison's famous run which will influence The Brave and the Bold.

disney-defenders-hd-1 1
Disney Launches Marvel Crime with Stories About Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage

Disney Publishing Worldwide is launching Marvel Crime, a series of fiction novels for adults, starring Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Daredevil.

Batman and Catwoman prepare for the Gotham War 1
DC Reveals a First Look at the Prelude to Batman and Catwoman's Upcoming War

DC has released a first look at Batman/Catwoman: The Gotham War: Battle Lines, which is the calm before the storm of Batman and Catwoman's war

A pair of Xenomorphs swimming in the water 1
Alien to Relaunch at Marvel With a New Chapter...and a New Xenomorph Subspecies?

The current Alien arc, and the new subspecies of Xenomorphs, continues at Marvel with the next chapter of the epic due out in November

CapWolf and the Commandos 2023 cover. 1
Captain America Returns As CapWolf This Fall

After more than thirty years, Captain America returns as a werewolf in the new CapWolf and the Commandos this October.

Charles Xavier and an old Sentinel 1
EXCLUSIVE: A Devastated Professor X Must Move on After the Hellfire Gala Disaster

Charles Xavier's devastated response to the Hellfire Gala is revealed in this CBR exclusive preview of next week's Immortal X-Men #14

Cover art for Hush featuring a split of Batman and the titular villain's face. 1
McFarlane Toys' Batman: Hush Figure is Available for Pre-Order

The 7-inch Batman: Hush variant figure from McFarlane Toys is now available for pre-order.

Star Wars: Dark Droids #1 cover. 1
Star Wars: Dark Droids is Inspired by Classic Horror Movies

Writer Charles Soule explains the inspiration behind Marvel's new miniseries, Star Wars: Dark Droids.

The Thing on the cover of What If...? Dark: Venom #1. 1
The Thing Becomes Venom in What If...? Dark

Marvel's What If...? Dark explores a haunting alternate reality where the Thing becomes the Venom symbiote's host.

Iron Man and Emma Frost's wedding on Invincible Iron Man #10 cover. 1
Marvel Gives Fans a Preview of Iron Man and Emma Frost's Wedding

Iron Man and Emma Frost are finally getting married and Marvel is celebrating with previews of two variant covers.

Dawn of DC's Titans #1 cover. 1
DC's Tom Taylor and Nicola Scott Reveal the Titans' Future

DC writer Tom Taylor and artist Nicola Scott discuss the future of the Titans, as they take over for the Justice League in a new world.

New Champions Variant Cover Program: Blade's possible sidekick. 1
Marvel Releases the Four Remaining New Champions Variant Covers

Marvel unveils first looks at its New Champions Variant Covers featuring the publisher's iconic superheroes' younger sidekicks.