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Batwing on a 2 way split of Michael Lane Azrael and Jarro 1
10 Missing Members Of The Bat-Family Who Need To Return

The Bat-Family is a beloved part of Gotham City, but characters like Huntress and Azrael have been AWOL from DC Comics for a long time.

Split image of Batman illustrated by Jim Aparo, Dan Mora, and Jim Lee. 1
10 Best Modern Batman Art Styles, Ranked

Batman has benefited from countless talented artists, from Jim Lee to Dan Mora, applying their art styles in the modern era of DC Comics.

Split Image: Maz Kanata (Lupita N'yong'o); Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson); Qui-Gon Jinn (Liam Neeson) 1
10 Star Wars Characters Who Deserve Their Own Titles After Yoda

Master Yoda's not the only Star Wars character who deserves a Marvel solo comic. Icons like Ahsoka and Cad Bane have epic stories to tell.

Split image Darkseid, Superman carries a dead Supergirl, Swamp Thing frozen in hibernation 1
10 Darkest Bronze Age DC Comics, Ranked

The Bronze Age of comics was a dark shift for many great heroes. Nowhere was this as true as in DC Comics.

Split image Wonder Woman stabbed, Gal Gadot Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman Earth One 1
10 Weaknesses You Didn't Know Wonder Woman Even Had

Wonder Woman may be a demigoddess warrior princess, but she has her share of weaknesses too.

Composite image of Nick Fury, Talos, an a panel of Secret Invasion 1
10 Things Secret Invasion Actually Took From The Comics

Though the MCU's Secret Invasion disappointed many viewers, there are a few details fans recognize from the comics.

Zee Captain drinks from their mug and Dr. McNinja sits on Sparklelord 1
10 Best Classic Webcomics, Ranked

Webcomics like The Adventures Of Dr. McNinja and Romantically Apocalyptic have become modern classics that defined the genre.

Split image Lex Luthor, Batman and Bane, Flashpoint Batman 1
10 Best Batman Team-Ups With Villains

Despite having bitter rivalries with the criminals of Gotham, Batman has been known to team up with some of DC's villains.

Split image Swamp Thing, Nekron, and a primitive Batman in DC Comics 1
10 Chilling DC Comics That Are Pure Cosmic Horror

DC characters like Batman and Swamp Thing have always provided fertile soil for horror stories but these Lovecraftian tales are unexpectedly harrowing

The Tick, Fearless Fosdick, Flaming Carrot, and Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew 1
10 Best Superhero Parodies Of All Time

From The Tick to Fearless Fosdick to the LEGO Batman, superheroes are apparently always ripe for parody and were even in Comics' Golden Age.

Captain Atom holding Plastique, Batman kissing Catwoman and Hal Jordan Green Lantern holding flowers from DC Comics 1
10 Justice Leaguers Who Would Make Terrible Dates

Although the members of DC's Justice League have proven to be phenomenal at saving the world, many of them make awful dates.

Split image Justice League Infinity team, Keaton Batman and Flash, Batman and Judge Dredd 1
10 Best Batman Multiverse Adventures

Batman's adventures through the multiverse have seen him face Spawn and Judge Dredd as well as a nearly infinite supply of DC Comics heroes.

Split image of Batman on a gargoyle in cover art for Gothic and examining severed hands in Endgame. 1
15 Darkest Batman Comics On DC Universe Infinite, Ranked (August 2023)

Batman has a dense catalog of great stories, and these are some of his darkest comics to read on the DC Universe Infinite digital app.

split image of Damian Wayne as Robin with Batman 1
13 Ways DC Made Damian Wayne Better Over The Years

Batman's son, Damian Wayne, met high praise when he debuted, and DC Comics continues to improve his character and increase his role in the Bat Family.

Superman from All-Star Superman standing proud on the left and flying on the right 1
DC Comics: 15 Most Inspirational Quotes From Superman

Superman is the embodiment of hope and inspiration, so it's only fitting that he would have some inspiring and memorable quotes.

Split image Bane and Catman in Secret Six, Joker, Ultraman and Crime Syndicate 1
10 Best DC Comics About Villains, Ranked

DC Comics has a rich roster of villains. Many of these villains have landed their own stories in solo books, like Bane and Catman in The Secret Six.

Split image Lee Falk's Phantom, Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther, Red Lion 1
10 Best African Superheroes

Since the earliest superhero comics, Africa has been a setting for some of the best stories in print, including the popular Wakandan Black Panther.

Split image Batman as a Green Lantern, Thomas Wayne Batman, Batman and Tarzan 1
10 Comics Where Batman Teamed Up With His Alternate Universe Counterparts

Batman is one of comics' most prominent explorers of the multiverse. Many stories have paired him with alternate counterparts of himself.

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10 Comic Storylines That Could Inspire Amazing Spider-Man 3

Amazing Spider-Man 3 could be on the horizon after the success of No Way Home, and a there are a few comics that could inspire the film's story.

Split image Something is Killing the Children, Escape From New York, Firefly 1
10 Best BOOM! Studios Comics From The 2010s, Ranked

Boom! Studios is one of the most successful independent comic book publishers in the industry with memorable titles in the last decade.